January 26, 2020 (Sunday) , Snow date February 9, 2020 Kick off presentation at Cuneen Hacket Vassar Institute Center featuring the path to suffrage and Caroline Morgan Clowes. Presentation by Bill Jeffway

March 5, 2020 (Thursday) – Snow date March 13, 202 (Friday) Poughkeepsie’s Mayor Sague and China in 1917 and China today.  Speakers – Bill Jeffway and Dr. Kristin Bayer, Marist College

April 16, 2020 (Thursday) DCHS Annual Meeting

This is the week of the 75th anniversary of FDR’s death and Michael Dolan will be doing a program about the local reaction to this.


April 26, 2020 (Thursday) DCHS Annual Meeting

Elks Overocker Road


May 14, 202 (Thursday) - Grandmother and Granddaughter Progressive Women:  Ophelia Shadbolt Amigh and Nina Mattern McCulloch;   FDR Presidential Library.  Speakers Bill Jeffway and Melodye Moore

Spring Open House – Clinton House – Date TBD

June  TBD, proposed 11th - Alexander Hamilton's Ties to Poughkeepsie; Poughkeepsie location in downtown Poughkeepsie; speakers Bill Jeffway and Diane Durante

Tentative - July – Garden talk – Speaker Mark Morrison. Speaking on anitgue garden tools

August – presence at the Duchess County Fair

September 5-26, 2020 Exhibit of Carolyn Clowes, Eunice Hatfield Smith and Alice Judson paintings at the Barret House

Discussion continues concerning other programs for the year. Topics being discussed are Lee Miller and other talented local women

October 23, 2020, (Monday) DCHS Awards Dinner, Locust Grove

October, November – Fall speaker series – collaborative programs with Poughkeepsie Library District and FDR Wallace Center


Early October or mid-November - We have Rob Doyle's offer to give a presentation on "Women Artists and Their Challenges.