DCHS members are the foundation of our organization, generation to generation. The "Society" in the Dutchess County Historical Society means that every generation, a group of people, like you and me, become stewards of our local history during.

The pandemic year has taught us to question old assumptions, and be creative in finding new ways be relevant and valuable. With that in mind, we now offer a choice of benefits to membership. This should make membership more meaningful and valuable to you, and allow DCHS to avoid any wasteful costs, and/or wasteful use of paper, that could have otherwise gone into supporting our mission.

To that end, this year we want to check with you personally, about your wishes. Please indicate your preference below:

2021 Calendar Year Member Benefits Include:

Advance notice of, and preferred access to, our events.

Complete access to hundreds and hundreds of old color postcards from our collection.

Online access to the 2021 Yearbook (password protected).

Online access to the 2020 & 2019 Yearbooks which are for members only (password protected).


A choice of one:

2021 3 choices

Please indicate your preferece below: