2021 Meetings Survey

To the Dutchess County History Community including DCHS VP's for cities and towns,

We are doing a quick survey to get input on best times and timing for quarterly meetings.

We propose that we think of quarterly work in terms of two types of work:

Forum style: Will, Melodye, Bill, and Craig will, among them, lead a discussion on a larger topic, for example, the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary War, Women’s History (DCHS 2021 Yearbook), Veteran’s Stories (Oral histories), “Untold Stories” (DCHS 2022 & 2023 Yearbook) that can help generate county-wide and local exhibitions, newsletter and newspaper articles, digital content, etc.

Workshop style: membership, social media, cemeteries, social media, digital/virtual events production, online research tools, etc., as determined by group.

If you would kindly answer these few questions as soon as possible but in advance of our meeting Wednesday, December 9th, thank you!