2018 DCHS Annual Meeting

May 1~Annual Meeting~5:30 pm

Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library & Museum, Hyde Park

5:30 PM BUSINESS MEETING ~ All welcome, voting limited to DCHS Members

The DCHS Annual Meeting consists of summary reports from officers and Executive Director.
Then moves to member votes for Trustees, Officers, and “local” DCHS Vice Presidents.

Welcome: President Michael Gordon
Approval of Last Year’s Annual Minutes
President’s Report: Michael Gordon
Executive Director’s Report: Bill Jeffway
Treasurer’s Report: Eugene Fleishman
Nominating Committee’s Report: Lou Lewis

Floor vote of DCHS members

New Trustees 2018-2021
Slate of Officers 2018
Local Vice Presidents


Getting to Know My Great-great-grandfather Fred:
His coming of Age on a Pine Plains Farm via Honolulu

By Justin Kemp with Melodye Moore

Fred Knickerbocker was always a presence in the Kemp home, but a cache of personal letters and photographs reveals a story of either youthful idealism or naivety, depending on your view. Drawing from family conversations, as well as hundreds of letters and photographs, we gain a very personal insight into a young man from a Pine Plains farm at the turn of the last century, who heads off to war without telling his parents. His experiences, which are warmly captured, expose the completely unexpected trajectory of his journey, reading more like a Mark Twain novel than family history. It is carefully researched and beautifully told as only a family member could. Followed by comments from County Historian William P. Tatum, III who puts that personal experience in a larger historical context.