Business Sponsorship of DCHS Virtual Event Space

DCHS Business Sponsorship or Business Membership allows a commercial organization to show that it is deeply involved in and committed to the local community through the preservation of its history, and supports DCHS efforts to preserve and interpret the history for contemporary learning and enjoyment.

We will work with you to tailor the kind of visibility and recognition you feel is best suited for you.

We started building an aggressive digital presence in 2017 and can now see the rewards. Digital numbers can easily be made to sound very large, but we are conservative in reporting only people who actually engage with our content, click, share, comment, or play, etc.

Our major online exhibition, Rediscovering Caroline M. Clowes, in excess of 400 people taking the self-guided tour of four chapters in her life. The exhibition alone saw 272 video views across the four main video features.

On Facebook we have 1,463 followers and between 200 and 300 people engage with our content each month.

The most consistently popular webpage is our resource page for online research, this year we will be approaching 2,000 visitors/users engaging.

DCHS Virtual Event Space