Eileen Mylod Hayden Award for Excellence in History Education

This year's winner, Neil Murray, explains what students learn from living history with focus on military and veteran experience...

The Eileen Mylod Hayden Excellence in History Education Award is awarded to teachers at middle or high school levels who effectively impart a love of history on their students.  At a recognized public, private, or parochial institution located within Dutchess County.

Neil Murray receives the award for his teaching of 11th Grade American and Military history at Pine Plains Central School District. Neil is a leader in the field of living history as a powerful educational tool. Neil’s own respect of, and love for, local history comes through in his teaching and in his broader community engagement. Students are left with a lifelong curiosity and respect for the events, and the people, of the past. Congratulations, Neil!

We are still working through plans for a full announcement and recognition, with an in-person event anticipated and hope for, pending pandemic conditions, in the spring of 2021.