Regular Series Events

We partner with the Dutchess County (Gov’t) Historian on two main series that we develop in partnership with the local historical community:

Upcoming Events

The County-wide calendar below is maintained by DCHS in partnership with the Office of the Dutchess County HistorianTo have your event listed, please include all of the following information: send: Sponsoring/Hosting organization(s), event title, date, start and end times, specific location, brief description, contact person to:


The Annual Recognition Awards ~ at year-end

DCHS is proud to support the individuals and organizations that are setting a strong and positive course for the field of local history in general, and the study and sharing of Dutchess County local history in particular.  There are up to four awards:

The Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Award

The Dutchess Award

The Business of Historical Distinction Award

The Franklin D Roosevelt Award

Photos from the 2016 event.

Yearbook launch March 2017

The unbroken publishing record of the DCHS Yearbook since 1914 is celebrated each year in a very special way, most recently graciously hosted by Lyell Dampeer and Valerie Belli, at their home Wales House. Designed and built by Charles Follen McKim of McKim, Mead and White.  Commissioned by Frederick Vanderbilt, it was the home of Edward Wales, Vanderbilt’s private secretary, broker and friend.  The Colonial Revival residence is listed on the National Register.