Sunday, February 3: The African American Experience in WW1


Sunday, February 3
The African American Experience in WW1
FDR Presidential Library’s Wallace Center in Hyde Park*

*Back-up location: If the US Government shutdown has not ended by then — we have a back-up location in Poughkeepsie we would announce at the time.  Either email closer to the time or look for announcement on our website at Or you may RSVP below. and we will advise you either way close to the time.

1:00 to 4:00 PM Re-enactors “Open House” Ebony Doughboys

Ebony Doughboys are African American living historians who tell the story of the outstanding service of African Americans during the First World War. They engage in extensive research by studying and reading personal accounts, archived sources, photographs and other source material; by examining photographs, original garments, accoutrements and weapons to gain a thorough understanding. Members present themselves with a commitment to educating, dispelling myths, and building bridges of understanding.

2:00 to 3:00 PM Dr. Jeffrey Sammons:
“Harlem’s Rattlers” and the quest for equality

2:00 — 3:00 PM Talk by NYU Professor Dr. Jeffrey Sammons, author of Harlem's Rattlers and the Great War: The Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality. New York University historian and author Jeffrey T. Sammons presents the tale of the extraordinary African American 369th Infantry, whose soldiers distinguished themselves fighting as part of the French Army during WW1.  He will contextualize the highly charged and discriminatory social and political climate confronting the soldiers of the 369th and discuss the groundwork they helped to lay for the long black freedom struggle and the modern Civil Rights Movement.

I am planning to attend, please confirm location close to the date, either way (whether staying at FDR Library meaning the government shutdown is over) or if relocated nearby at my email provided below: