Gilsonfest Digital Exhibition

Seeing Differently, Seeing More: Alexander Gilson's Exceptional Journey From Property to Property Owner.

This digital presentation was produced by students in a Bard College course entitled, “The Window at Montgomery Place,” taught by professor Myra Young Armstead during the Spring of 2019. As a combined History and Experimental Humanities course, the class provided students with the opportunity to think creatively and artistically of ways to use visual electronic media technologies to present historical narratives. Using Alexander Gilson's Life as a reference, the images address the themes of slavery, gardening at Montgomery Place, business and property ownership, and family/community connections.

Will play as continuous loop as it did in the exhibition. No audio. All rights reserved. DCHS is pleased to offer digital hosting for, & presentation of, this Bard College work.

Installation at Historic Red Hook's StoryStudio, Red Hook, NY