Eunice Hatfield Smith

2020 Exhibition

DCHS, in partnership with the Barrett Art Center (BAC) had an exhibition of Smith's work at BAC on Noxon Street, working within pandemic guidelines at the time. This information from the200  exhibition remains here for reference.

Eunice Hatfield Smith (1911 to 1985) was born, raised and lived much of her life in Poughkeepsie. She was among the artists who assembled an exhibition in October 1934, under the leadership of Thomas Barrett, at the department store, Luckey Platt. This event turned out to be the creation of the Dutchess County Art Association which thrives to this day, and the beginning of many such exhibition. DCHS has a copy of the original catalogue of that event (see photo, women artists highlighted in yellow, below).

Catalogue of the October 1934 inaugural Dutchess County Art Association Exhibition. Created under the direction of Thomas Barrett and held at Luckey Platt department store. Women artists, including Eunice Hatfield Smith, are highlighted in yellow.

Above: Photo of Eunice Hatfield at the second Dutchess County Art Association exhibition in 1935.

Eunice Hatfield Smith 1925

Eunice Hatfield, second from left, at W.W. Smith School, Poughkeepsie.

The newly married Eunice Hatfield Smith.

Above: Click on image to see profile of Hatfield Smith by David Saunders with examples of "pulp art" (new window).

Eunice Sep_19__1965_

Above: Newspaper clipping ( from 1965 showing Eunice Hatfield Smith painting her favorites subjects, local scenes.

Paintings & drawings from the Eunice Hatfield Smith Collection at DCHS

These paintings formed part of the 2020 exhibition.

Self portrait.

Father, Ernest I. Hatfield.

Aunt, sister to father.

Maternal grandfather, Murden.

Maternal grandmother, Murden.

Self portrait.

Commercial example, 1941.

DCHS Digital Images (Only) Collection

In an ongoing effort to catalogue as much of Smith's work as possible, DCHS is collecting digital images in instances where owners wish to retain the original painting.

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From DCHS Digital Image Collection

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