Copy of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Award

This award recognizes the local historian who is an exemplar of the necessary and accurate search for historical truth that represents the spirit of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds. Miss Reynolds was a writer, genealogist, preservationist, and charter member of the society. She was eulogized in 1943 by then-President Franklin D Roosevelt as the most knowledgable student of, and contributor to, the county’s history. Her careful research over 30 years set the high standards of DCHS.


E. Stuart and Linda Hubbard are the current generation and legacy stewards of LaGrange’s Hart Hubbard family. Blessed by forebears who kept and maintained diaries, letters, documents, photographs, marketing material, and art for six generations (1839 to the 1960s), they were looking for a permanent, safe place for the family’s extraordinary story. Now the single largest collections gift ever given to DCHS in terms of scale and variety, the Hart Hubbard Collection tells the story of a family that grew from self-sufficiency to a global marketer, seller, and shaper of apple markets. Adapting as tastes and technologies changed, their story illuminates the longstanding, fundamental role of agriculture.

Linda Hubbard accepts from Denise Van Buren
Linda Hubbard accepts from Denise Van Buren
2018 ~ E. Stuart and Linda Hubbard
Col. Jim Johnson
Eileen Mylod Hayden receives the award from Lou Lewis

Prior Awardees

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