In Progress

BALLOTS & PALETTES: 50-minute video just finished

We have just completed the recording of this presentation that looks at women who fought for equality through politcal action, and women who equally created change by excelling in a "man's field."

VETERANS' MEMORIALIZATION: 7-minute unedited video as small sample of much larger video production & presentation

We are developing a Memorialization presentation for Stanford Library, and on a larger scale developing a chapter in our WW1 video documentary series funded by the DAR. This is one small put powerful aspect. Rich Goring, of Hyde Park, reads a letter penned by his Wappingers Falls cousin, J. Morris Goring in September of 1918. Morris Goring writes to his mother that he may not survive "it looks like we have a little stunt to do..." From 0:00 to 3:14 background context. From 3:14 to 07:29 reading of letter.

COLLEGE HILL PAST POINTS TO FUTURRE: You can view four concept slides (use arrows at bottom).

This will be a 40-minute presentation give to the Walkway audience and general public, live on June 6th. It will be recorded and available after in the DCHS Virtual Event Space. There is growing interest in College Hill as rejuvenation plans emerge.

FREDERICK DOUGLASS IN POK: You can view four concept slides (use arrows at bottom).

This will be produced as three short videos examining the day Frederick Douglass attracted 4,000 people and spoke for two hours at College Hill. We'll examine 1) the celebration as the day begins 2) the words spoken 3) How Illinois Senate candidate Steven Douglas used words spoken by Douglass at Poughkeepsie and challenged Abraham Lincoln to his face. Lincoln lost the Senate race.

You can view 25 concept slides (use arrows at bottom).

This is in the earliest stages of concept development. Possibly based on the technology of the Poughkeepsie Equality Trail, this block by block view of Main Street, using old maps as a foundation, and a range of images from DCHS Collections as illumination, could be the basis for walks or self-guided tours, or an interactive educational tool.