Masonic Temple Poughkeepsie

Items featured here: Four certificates of Master Mason status from Solomon's Lodge, No. 1: September 19, 1780, for Nicholas Fish signed by James Livingston. ~ November 24, 1790 for Dr. William Ely. ~ July 1, 1810 for Charles F. Barnum. ~ April 2, 1828 for William A. Holmes.

Two certificates of Master Mason status from Lodge 226, successor to Solomon's Lodge: April 2, 1860 for A. Sweet. November 28, 1860 for Joseph Wright.

June 21, 1852, Founding Charter of Lodge No. 266. Engraving of The Old Tun Tavern, presented by family of Francis B. Wheeler who served as Chaplain 1863 to 1895. ~ 1854 Jewel of Abraham Sweet.  ~ 1878 Commemorative coin of the 1782 visit of George Washington to the Poughkeepsie Lodge.

Miscellaneous Related Newspaper Clippings

Detail of 1790 Certificate for Dr. William Ely of Clinton