Quakers in Dutchess County

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Paul Upton, 1st gen. immigrant to Dutchess County from Massachusetts

Below, DCHS recently acquired the March 31, 1768 wedding declaration of Paul Upton "of Oblong in Dutchess County" and Phebe Smith. A transcription of the document was published in Wm. H. Upton's "Family Records" in 1893, above right.

Four Generations of Marriage Certificates

1st Generation: Paul Upton, m. Phebe Smith, 1768; m. Phebe Earl, 1817.

2nd Generation: Mary Upton m. Henry Marriott, 1796; Paul m. Anna Carman, 1804.

3rd Generation: Phebe Upton m. Aaron Underhill, 1833.

4th Generation: Anna Underhill m. Thomas Bedell, 1855.

Paul Upton 2nd & 3rd generation in Dutchess County

Research Sources

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