From the Summer of 1867

As April turned into May in 1867, 18-year-old Emily Hart of LaGrange started to carefully assemble her “herbarium,” a book of carefully pressed flowers. For two months she noted their source as LaGrange, location of the family home, or Poughkeepsie, where she he attended Cottage Hill Seminary. It had been two years since her brother, Ambrose, returned from the Civil War. It had been two years since the assassination of President Lincoln. Spring was most welcome. In June of 1930 at the age 81, she was exhibiting roses as at the Poughkeepsie Garden Club, and no doubt did so a few more times before she died in 1934. She left them for us to see. DCHS Collections. Hart Hubbard Collection. Gift of E. Stuart and Linda Hubbard, 2020.