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DCHS is grateful for the generous support of White's Hudson River Marina, the January sponsor of our Virtual Event Space. Such funding makes our talks and events possible, and available at no charge to the viewer. Such funding allows us to host just live events with the opportunity for questions and discussion, and supports our growing library of archived presentations available at your convenience. Please thank and support those businesses like White's Hudson River Marina that enable our work in the preservation and sharing of our local history.

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Coming up next, February 9th at 7 pm Eastern

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New Hamburg Across Three Centuries.
What has changed? What hasn't?
with DCHS Board President Rob Doyle

Amenia's Jewish Immigrants
In the Early 20th Century
with DCHS Trustee Betsyt Strauss

Living History and Historic Reenactment:
Tools for Effective Teaching
with Neil Murray, DCHS Excellence in Education Awardee

The Civil War Battle at Averasboro: Through the Eyes of the Dutchess County Men Who Fought and Died There
with Michael Boden, DCHS Trustee

300th Anniversary of County Courts
with Dutchess County Historian Will Tatum

Local women on the path to winning suffrage
a century ago, with Sandra Opdyke

The last letter home
of J. Morris Goring

The evolution of Memorial Day in
Dutchess County after the Civil War

Women's equal opportunity through
the ballot and professional trailblazing

Uphill Battle: Our Epic, Eternal Struggle
to Tame Poughkeepsie's Water

Healing from World War by Reading
Poughkeepsie's Sadie Delaney

From the Exhibition FDR: Death of a Neighbor

The DCHS Event Space has videos that are most recent or relate to larger exhibitions. You can find our full library by clicking the image below: