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We are grateful to CR Property's sponsorship of the DCHS Event Space for the month of March, and the member / donors of DCHS whose support allows us to bring live events to you at no cost.

CR Property

The DCHS Event Space has videos that are most recent or relate to larger exhibitions. You can find our full library at the DCHS Youtube Channel.

Upcoming May

On May 6th at 7 pm Diane Lapis and Anne Peck-Davis will present Cocktails Across America: A Postcard View of Cocktail Culture from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. The presentation will showcase four stories from the book that intersect with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time in office. Attendees will have an opportunity to create a cocktail and clink virtual glasses together during this entertaining and informative presentation.  Attendees will receive a list of ingredients prior to the program so that they can prepare their own cocktail or mocktail along with our presenters!

June & Beyond...

On June 23rd at 7 pm Sandra Opdyke will join us to talk about Campaigning for Women’s Suffrage in Dutchess County. Ms. Opdyke is our 2020-2021 Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Award honoree and we are looking forward to hearing more about the important contributions of women from our county to the Suffrage Movement.

In July we will kick off our celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the courts in Dutchess County with a presentation from our county historian, Will Tatum. We will also have a second program in July, featuring our 2020-2021 Eileen Mylod Hayden Award honoree Neil Murray on using living history in the classroom. Watch our website and your inbox for more information on these programs!


Recent Past

Poughkeepsie's Sadie Delaney:

Healing From World War Through Reading

A conversation with the head of the African School in England, Natty Mark Samuels. The world premiere of The Ballad of Sadie Delaney read by (Grace) Angela Henry.


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From the Exhibition FDR: Death of a Neighbor