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You will notice that we try to continually promote a general history. In addition, specific stories around themes, for example, relating to 1) Veterans."Year of the Veteran" in 2018 and 2019 was prompted by the 100th anniversary of WW1. 2) Women. "Women's Voices & Talents" in 2020 and 2021 was prompted by the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote nationally. 3) Persons of Color, and other historically underrepresented stories. "Invisible People, Untold Stories"  in 2022 and 2023.

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Just completed: Suffrage & Clowes

The goal here is to have a master summary video of the concept of "Women's Voices & Talents." Watch 50 minute video here or at DCHS Virtual Event Space.

May 25 Stanford Library Zoom presentation for Memorial Day

The goal here is better understand stories of service and sacrifice. The topic of Memorialization will be a chapter in the DAR videos (mentioned later) and this stand-alone presentation and video. The 40-minute presentation/video will include the above 7-minute clip (not yet at all polished) of Rich Goring reading his cousin Morris Goring's last letter home in WW1.

Live Zoom presentation June 6th about College Hill

The goal here is to broaden our reach with audiences likely to be interested in DCHS, such as the Friends of Walkway, with a view to gaining members or donors. The subject is the "past, present & future of College Hill" as there are plans to connect College Hill to the trails and walkway and open the underground reservoir as a public space. Five sample concept images above.

Launch 20-minute video by August 1

The goal here is to broaden our reach by partnering with Celebrating the African Spirit, as we have done in the recent past. The words of Frederick Douglass spoken in Pok are made a challenge to Abraham Lincoln the following week. Five sample concept images above.

Major video documentary series on WW1

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The goal here is to not loose the enormous amount of research that went into collaboration among state, county and local entities. We have $25,000 funding including $10,000 from National DAR. We are taking all exhibition content of 11-panel traveling exhibition (has shown in virtually every city and town in the county) to create a series of education video documentaries. Single concept image above.

Just restarting Veterans' Oral Histories

The goal here is to capture and preserve stories of service before they are lost. Received $10,000 grant to record (only, no editing) Veteran oral histories, paused due to COVID. What 5 minute sample here or at I served... Veterans' page.

Mini video documentary & educational materials for local schools

The goal her is to consolidate all the archaeological and other research done that led to the site being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Single concept image above.

Short video to pitch financial or collections donations & membership

The goal is to articulate our unique and distinct role. Based on the presentation to the April board meeting as an orientation. Single concept image above.

Exploratory concept of using Main Street old map in illustrated form for self guided tours

The goal is to create a self-guided tour. but it may be valuable as a "base" over which other programs or activities may be built. Hover over image and arrows will appear to advance. This is in the earliest stages of concept development. Possibly based on the technology of the Poughkeepsie Equality Trail, this block by block view of Main Street, using old maps as a foundation, and a range of images from DCHS Collections as illumination, could be the basis for walks or self-guided tours, or an interactive educational tool. 15 sample images above.

Printed and digital book for Christmas 2021

The idea is to take the bi-weekly columns in the Northern/Southern Dutchess News / Beacon Free Press that have appeared over the past three years, and publish them as a collection in a print and digital book in time for Christmas 2021 as a possible revenue generator.

This series is at an exploratory stage, although a significant amount of work has been done, especially relating to the first two concepts, "Anna Eleanor Roosevelt..." and "Poughkeepsie's John J. Sague..."

The goal here is to show the unique view that Dutchess County residents had during the days of the earliest ascent of FDR locally as a State Senator. While the whole nation saw the rise and turmoil of TR's political ambitions, the view of the fledgling FDR's political career was unique to Dutchess County. The umbrella series concept is: From 1900 to 1920. From TR to FDR. The changing of the Roosevelt guard from Oyster Bay to Dutchess County. There is only one sample concept image for each above.

Printed and digital book featuring the life and work of Caroline Morgan Clowes

screen apr28046

The goal here is to have the ultimate statement of her life and work in a printed form. Similar to an exhibition catalogue, but with a good deal of focus on her life story.

Exploratory concept dealing with sensitive issues

Although this was not published by DCHS but privately by Bill Jeffway, it could be evaluated as an approach to illuminate often difficult or highly charged subjects by encouraging a focus on source material. It is shared here in that exploratory spirit. It has received positive reviews from teachers, elected officials and historians, and the Livingston Family NYS Historic Site Clermont in Columbia County has asked for it to be used in workshop at the site to better navigate "charged" issues related to its past. The main goal here is to stop any potential demands for erasure or removal of difficult parts of our history, and to instead build context so there can be fact-based, informed learning and discussion.