Poughkeepsie’s Part in the World War 1917~1919

Photos of Vassar's Involvement in War Efforts ~ Courtesy Michael Dolan, Archival Researcher

Current Exhibition at City Hall: 1936 The Only Other Time There Has Been a Complete Exhibition Honoring Poughkeepsie's World War One Dead

War Dead and Homefront Exhibition by historian and writer Holly Wahlberg, a graduate of Boston University, Columbia University and the Sotheby’s of London Design Education Program. She lives in the City of Poughkeepsie where she has been active in a number of preservation and history awareness projects. Among the grid of photos below, click on any image once to enlarge, the click it again to enlarge further, use lift and right arrows to advance to next or prior photo.

War Dead


About 3,500 men were enlisted or drafted for military service from Dutchess County,
some 1,300 of these having been residents of Poughkeepsie
Southeastern New York, A History…” by Zimm, Croning, Emsley & Jewell, 1946. 

Visible Signs of Remembrance Today

War Dead Pou Streets

Above: click on any above to enlarge. Instances of World War I veterans' names visible today, the VFP Post on Violet Street, Young, Lawrence and Fitchett  Streets.

The Temporary, Wooden Honor Roll 1919

Hearst Newspapers Publication

Hearst Newspapers had a difficult relationship with some in the military for his reluctance to fully embrace the war.  Perhaps this publication at the end of the war was an effort to rebuild relationships, a New York American Newspaper supplement. With a few exceptions there is no attribution to photographer, but a variety were involved. A number are very clearly Van Vlack's but do not say so. The latter pages do not relate specifically to Poughkeepsie.

Hearst Papers Problems