WWI Poughkeepsie Town & City

Currently the online exhibition space for both the city and town of Poughkeepsie are identical, we expect them to evolve and differentiate over time. This is an informal workspace is maintained for photos, stories, and links to other information related to Poughkeepsie's role in WWI. Your contributions are not only welcome, but encouraged!

Poughkeepsie's Part in the World War 1917 to 1919

DCHS has several copies of this New York American Newspaper supplement. With a few exceptions there is no attribution to photographer, but a variety were involved. A number are very clearly Van Vlack's but do not say so. The latter pages do not relate specfically to Poughkeepsie.

About 3,500 men were enlisted or drafted for military service from Dutchess County,
some 1,300 of these having been residents of Poughkeepsie
Southeastern New York, A History…” by Zimm, Croning, Emsley & Jewell, 1946. 

Above: click to enlarge. Two instances of World War I veterans' names visible today, the VFP Post on Violet Street, and Young Street.

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