The Jacksons of Milan & Poughkeepsie

The photos on this page are copies of photos from an album in the possession of Walter Patrice.  The album had been dismantled and the images were put in frames behind glass making copying difficult, so there is a good deal of editing of each photo for clarity. But we believe we have accurately captured the spirit and likeness of the family. In the video interview at the bottom, Mr. Patrice explains that the album belonged to his mother, a Jackson of the Jackson family of Milan (see tree below right, by Mr. Patrice, leading to his parents, Unetta Jackson Patrice and John David Patrice).

Henry and Almira Jackson bought 33 acres of land in 1865, and by 1873 (see Milan tax records below), Alma Jackson alone had in her name 108 acres of land, left to her by African American Anthony Williams. The scale of their land ownership is unique in the county, especially Almira's solo ownership of land.

Images from the album

Above, use arrows left and right to move through the album, or below, click on any single image.

Walter Patrice takes us through his mother's family photo album