2024 Member Access

What are DCHS member benefits?

A constantly updated, dynamic experience accessible through an online portal using your email address and a password of your choice. There is just one link for both registration and ongoing access:

By clicking on Access Member Benefits, the portal will give you access to

Publications: Access to the digital versions of the three most current DCHS Yearbooks as well as the exhibition catalogue, Fertile Ground: the Hudson Valley Animal Paintings of Caroline Clowes and DCHS Yearbook Encore Editions. 

Printed Yearbook upon request: Due to changing preferences and increasing costs, we provide printed copies only to those members who would like them. We are pleased to accommodate in this way.

Maps: Online access to an increasing number of historic maps that often include homeowner names. We have many requests for such maps as more people become interested in their homes and neighborhood.

Emerging research: In advance of formal publication, we will share real-time, work-in-progress findings that emerge from our ongoing research.

Monthly newsletter: Members will receive the DCHS Newsworthy newsletter, rich with details of upcoming and ongoing research.

What makes me an active member eligible to receive benefits?

  • Membership payment of at least $35 in the past 12 months
  • Donation of least $100 with a request to receive member benefits
  • Business sponsorship of $1,000 with a request to receive member benefits
  • Honorary membership is granted annually by either the Executive Director or Executive Committee for extraordinary in-kind or other types of support

We encourage payment in advance of our April (4th Thursday) annual meeting to help us with budgeting and planning purposes, and to ensure a good number of eligible member voters at the annual meeting.

If you have any questions please email Bill Jeffway.

Even if you are not quite ready to be a member, please create a portal so that you can maintain a correct address and your email opt-in preferences so we can keep in touch in the way you prefer.