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All DCHS Yearbooks since our inaugural issue in 1914 are available in a searchable digital form.

Maria Mitchell, Famed 19th Cent. Astronomer, Educator And Advocate For Women’s RightsVassar College, Women’s History, STEMMolly B. Jones2021
Brass Pounders: The Railroad Women Of Dutchess County Railroad, Women’s HistoryJohn Desmond 2021
Caroline M. Clowes: How Did We Lose An Important Nineteenth-Century American Artist?Artists, Women’s HistoryCandace J. Lewis 2021
The Hudson Valley Alemic Of Mrs. C.S. Lewis Women’s HistoryRoger Donway2021
Hallie Flanagan At Vassar Colllege Women’s History, Vassar College , TheaterSandra Opdycke2021
Selections From Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1933 BookWomen’s History, FDR & ERCandace J. Lewis 2021
Violet H. Simmons: A Remarkable Teacher Women’s History, EducationEdward Downey 2021
Campaigning For Woman’s Sufferage In Dutchess County Women’s History, PoliticsSandra Opdycke2020
Recovering The Paintings And Legacy Of A Great American Artist: Caroline Morgan Clowes Women’s History, Creative Arts, ArtistsBill Jeffway 2020
The League Of Women Voters In Dutchess County : Its Origin And Acomplishments Women’s History, PoliticsEleanor Ruby Charwat 2020
The Road From Clinton Hollow: A Grandmother’s And Granddaughter’s Path To Equal Rights For Women Women’s History, PoliticsMelodye K. Moore2020
Amy Spingarn: Humility And Pride Women’s History, Biography, Amenia, TroutbeckCamille Roccanova2020
Responses To The Flu Epidemic Of 1918Women’s History, MedicineMyra B. Young Armstead2020
Practicing Law With Trailblazers Women’s History, LawDiane O’Leary2020
Ecology Pioneer At Vassar College Women’s History, Vassar College, Plant LifeBarbara Hughey 2020
“I’ll Be Right Over”Women’s History, MedicineMeg Downey 2020
Franny Reese.: “Defender Of The Hudson ValleyWomen’s HistoryMolly B. Jones2020
Leitutenant Alvin H. Treadwell Lost And Found Peter Bedrossian 2019
Dutchess County’s African-American Experience During The World War, 1917-1919 And Beyond Bill Jeffway & Melodye K. Moore2019
Decoding The Past: George Wuest’s First World War Adventures World War OneWilliam P. Tatum III2019
Immigrant Farmer In The OSSJulian Strauss2019
“Orchestrated Hell” Edward R. Murrows December’s 1943 Radio Broadcast, Reporting On His RAF Bomber Flight Over Nazi Germany John Barry 2019
Bernard Handel’s Recollections Of World War IIWorld War II, Patriotism & Honor Candace Lewis 2019
The Fighting O’Connells: Twentieth Centrury American Soldiers Candace Lewis 2019
Getting To Know My Great Great Grandfather Fred: Soldier In The Spanish American War J.M. Kemp 2018
Over Here: The Yet-to-be Told Stories Of The Men , Women And Children Of Dutchess County During The World War , 1917-1919Bill Jeffway & Melodye K. Moore2018
The Unknown Soldier-and The Unknown Hamilton Fish Sarah Gates 2018
A Yank In The RCAF Peter Bedrossian 2018
Executive Order 9981 Peter Bedrossian 2018
My Longest Year: Twelve Months With The Joint Army-Navy Mobile Rivervine Force (MRF) In The Mekong River Delta , Republic Of Vietnam, 1967-1968Tyler Dann 2018
Vietnam: A Seabee’s Different Experience Craig Marshall2018
Minutes Of The Johnsville Temperance Society 1831-1851, Hamlet Of Johnsville, Town Of Fishkill, New York Malcom Mills 2017
The Road To Prohibition: 1820 To 1920John Barry 2017
The Temperance Poem: “Oh Rumseller”1825-1896Benjamin J Hall2017
Prohibition Draws New York Gangsters To The Hudson Valley Eleanor Ruby Charwat 2017
The Raid On Dutch Schultz’s Establishment In Pine Plains, New York Lydia Higginson 2017
Bootleggers At The Airport 1905-2008John M. Miller 2017
Aerial Rum-Runners And Their D-25 Biplanes Charles Peter Colomello 2017
The Second Annual N.A.A.C.P Meeting, Amenia, N.Y Julia Hotton2017
Inez: Icon Of A Movement Candace J. Lewis 2017
Maintaining The Link: The Letters Of Platt C. Curtis, 150th Regiment, New York Volunteers, “The Dutchess Regiment” Eileen Mylod Hayden2016
The Case And Times Of Dred ScottJohn Barry 2016
A Tale Of Two Sisters BiographyMelodye K. Moore2016
Colonel John H. Ketcham: The Cincinnatus Of Dutchess County BiographyCaroline Rogers Reichenberg 2016
Weapons Used By The Rank And File Of The 150th NY Volunteer Infantry Micheal Peets2016
Songs Of The 128th Dean Thomas 2016
The Union Troops Get Mik – From Wassaic, New York Arlene Luliano 2016
Dutchess County, New York And Beaufort County, North Carolina During The Civil War Peter S. Bedrossian 2016
Hope: The Inagural Train Ride Of Abraham Lincoln And The Hudson River Valley Anthony J. Czarnecki 2016
Lincoln And The Mangolia Tree Virginia Hancock 2016
Grief: The Funeral Train Of Abraham Lincoln And The Hudson Valley Candace J. Lewis 2016
After The Battle Of Gettysburg: The Death Of Dutchess County Soldier, Albert Reed Newton Reed2015
The New York Constitutional RatificationConvention Of 1788, Slavery, And The Coming Of The Civil War John Barry 2015
“We Support No Man Who Votes Against Liberty”F. Kennon Moody 2015
John A. Bolding, Fugitive Slave Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 2015
John A. Bolding: The Rest Of His Story Eileen Mylod Hayden2015
“From Your Son…,” The Civil War Letters Of Pvt. Evert Traver, Company C, 128th Reg’t, N.Y.S V.IDean Thomas 2015
Oration At Gettysburg Henry A. Gildersleeve 2015
Living History: History Taken Out Of The Book And Into The World Peter S. Bedrossian & Micheal Peets 2015
The Second Surrender: Sherman’s 1865Campaign In The Carolinas And The End Of The Civil War Keith Altavilla 2015
Thinking Historically: My Take Denise D. VanBuren2014
Watching Aviation In Dutchess County: The Myth Of Meaning; The Meaning Of Myth Leonard E. Opdycke 2014
Poppies From Heaven: 1928David Johnson2014
Photographs As Place Markers Of The Urban Lanscape: Main Street, PoughkeepsieHarvey K. Flad 2014
How Poughkeepsie Contributed To The Enlistment Of Blacks In The Union Army Julia Hotton2014
Introduction To The 2013 Dutchess County Historical Society YearbookMarcus J. Molinaro 2013
The Birth Of A County: Establishinh A Goverment In Dutchess, 1713-1721William P. Tatum III2013
Of Sufficient Number: The First 447 To Be Counted Melodye K. Moore2013
Albert M. Rosenblatt: A Life In Law And Public Service Biography, LawLou Lewis 2013
John Concklin And The Dutch Reformed Church “Bolt”John R. Conklin2012
Dutchess County Quakers And The Hicksite Seperationof 1827-1828Dell Upton2012
Thomas Lake Harris And Amenia’s Brotherhood Of The New Life Russell La Valle 2012
“The Poughkeepsie Plan” And Its Impact On American Catholic Parochial EducationTimothy Walch2012
The Life And Times Of Father Patric McSweeney Mary Regis McLoughlin & Angela O’Sullivan 2012
The Evolution Of Poughkeepsie’s Jewish Community: The Nationall Background: A Brief OverviewRabbi Paul Golumb 2012
The Evolution Of Poughkeepsie’s Jewish Community: It Was Not All About The Organ Lou Lewis 2012
Sheikh Ahmed Daod Faisal And Est Fishkill’s “Medinah Salaam”Russell La Valle 2012
The Peace Of Jerusalem: An 1845 Plea For Religious Humility Roger Donway2012
Innisfree GardenCandace J. Lewis 2011
Early Golf In Dutchess CountyRussell La Valle 2011
Blithewood: A Biography Nan Fogel2011
Fox Hunting In Dutchess County Lewis R. Sterler 2011
The Sandanona Pheasantry Russell La Valle 2011
Peach Hill Park Molly B. Jones2011
Marching With Sherman: Dutchess County’s 150th Regiment 2010
Miss Lyman Of Vassar College 2010
The Legacy Of Maple Grove 2010
Ice Yachting: Describing The Ride Of A Lifetime 2010
Dr. J. Wilson Poucher: Medical Pioneer 2010
Telling The News: An Editor’s Story 2010
John Burroughs-Neighbor2010
Guarding The Roosevelts 2010
There Was Bustle But No Hustle 2010
Prowlers, Deleriums, The Pest House Held No Fears 2010
James A. Hughes Recalls Early Vassar Hospital2010
They’re Just “Boys” At Vassar 2010
Wise Voices, Plain Speaking: 20th Century Griots 2010
Billy Name And The Warhol Era Biography, Artist2010
Bridge Of Dreams 2010
The Art Of Pastry: Frank Cordaro’s La Deliziosa2010
Portait Of An Artist And A River Wayne Lempka2009
The Hudson River And Mathew Vassar: Creating A College Art Collection Candance J. Lewis 2009
Whalers Of The Hudson Steven A.A. Mann2009
Getting To “The Point”Christopher Pryslopski2009
Sepacots: Native Americans Near Rhinebeck’s Hudson Hudson Shore Nancy V. Kelly 2009
Last Days Of The Newburgh-Beacon Ferry Willa Skinner 2009
Excursions Up The Hudson To Mount Beacon’s Incline RailwayBeacon, Beacon RailwayRobert J. Murphy2009
The Hudson River In Maps Nan Fogel2009
Commercial Fishing In Dutchess County Dan Shapley 2009
Rob Modjeski And The FDR Bridge James Storrow2009
Rowing On The Hudson RegattaJohn Mylod 2009
Bowdoin Park: A History (1688-1975)Annon Adams 2009
Dutch Rhinecliff Cynthia Owen Phillip2009
Henry A. Livingston 2008
William Wilson 2008
Maria James 2008
Fitz-Green Halleck 2008
Rokeby 2008
Founder’s Day 2008
Myron Benton 2008
Joel Benton2008
Horatio Nelson Powers 2008
Edward Hazen Parker 2008
Wallace Bruce 2008
William Harloe 2008
Josh Billings 2008
George W. Davids 2008
Vassar College 2008
Maria MitchellBiography, Vassar College2008
Edna St. Vincet Millay 2008
Riverview Academy 2008
Poughkeepsie Regatta Regatta2008
Rhinebeck, The Beautiful2008
Dutchess County CourthousePoughkeepsie, Law, Architecture2008
John Jay Chapman 2008
Margaret Chanler Aldrich 2008
Joel E. SpingarnTroutbeck2008
College Hill 2008
Kimlin Cider Hill 2008
Locust Grove 2008
Frank S. Dickerson2008
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 2008
Eleanor Roosevelt 2008
Chanler Chapman 2008
Barrytown Explorer 2008
Women’s Activism And The Founding Of Dutchess Community College, 1955-1960Andrew C. Rieser 2007
The Dutchess County Board Of Supervisors And The Appointment Of Dutchess Community College TrusteesBeth Kolp2007
An Intervierw With Dr. James Hall, Founding President Of Dutchess Community College 2007
An Interview With Joseph Jiudice, First Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees For DCC 2007
The Legacy Of The Ritz: A History Of The The DCC Library Tom Trinchera 2007
Unionization At Dutchess Community College By Howard Winn 2007
DCC’S Campus And The Foundation Ann Winfield And F. Kennon Moody Winfield And F. Kennon Moody2007
Coming Apart: The 1960s Richard Reitano2007
Student Activities Through The Years: A Photo Essay DCC History Club2007
A Survey Of Dutchess Alumni Cathy Furlani 2007
Historian Has The Last Word Joyce C. Ghee 2007
A History Of The Juliet Theater Annon Adams 2005-2006
Paramount Memories Pete Bergamo2005-2006
Trinity Church -250 YearsShirley B. Bergmann2005-2006
From The Bill Of Rights To IBM: Poughkeepsie Journal History Meg Downey 2005-2006
Two Hundred Years Of The Full Moon Lodge Patrick Higgins2005-2006
History Of Dress At Vassar College Holly Hummel2005-2006
The Palatine Farmstead At Rhinebeck Nancy Kelly 2005-2006
Captain H.L. Barnum: An Enigma By Harold Nestler Harold Nestler 2005-2006
Ten Mile Resevoir John Quinn2005-2006
Back From The Dead: Pleasant Valley’s Old Mill Store Thomas E. Rinaldi2005-2006
Genealogicall Chart Of Van Vliets 2003-2004
IntroductionNancy Fogel 2003-2004
The Van Vliets In Dutchess County Jane Dresser 2003-2004
In Sickness And In Health – Henry & Hannah Van Vliet Erica Blumenfield 2003-2004
Mr. And Mrs. Van Vliet- George And MercedesNancy Fogel 2003-2004
“Dear Mother”- Helena Garrison Van Vliet Rosemary Davidson Kyle 2003-2004
Go East Young Woman Erica Blumenfield 2003-2004
Meeting The Granddaughters- Annatje & GretchenJane Dresser & Nancy Fogel2003-2004
Reuben Spencer- Van Vliet Neighbor And Friend Jane Dresser2003-2004
Jesse Effron 1915-20042003-2004
DCHS Staff, Officers, Trustees 2003-2004
Statement Of Revenue And Expense 2003-2004
Municiple Historians Of Dutchess County 2003-2004
Historical Societies Of Dutchess County 2003-2004
President’s Report 2001Joyce C. Ghee, (DCHS Board President)2001-2002
Baseball In Dutchess County, When It Was A GameJoseph V. Poillucci2001-2002
Remembering Baseball: A Conversation With Walter Patrice Nan Fogel2001-2002
Running In Dutchess County Pete Colaizzo2001-2002
The Bycicle In And Around Poughkeeepsie Greg Hancock2001-2002
A Hundred-Yard Dash Through Vassar’s Athletics Traditions Elizabeth A. Daniels 2001-2002
Soccer In Dutchess County Nan Fogel2001-2002
Soccer In Dutchess County: The Germania ClubJohn Jorgensen2001-2002
Golf In Dutchess County: 1884 To 2000Rudy Zochi And John Flanagan2001-2002
The Junior Davis Cup: Poughkeepsie Tennnis Club Natalie H. Davis 2001-2002
Two Centuries Of Ice Yachting On The Hudson Brian Reid2001-2002
Sports Museum Of Dutchess County John Flanagan 2001-2002
Annual Meeting 20001992-1993
Introduction 1992-1993
Mrs. Slater’s World Annon Adams 1992-1993
Mrs. Bessie Harden Payne Women’s HistoryLawrence Mamiya 1992-1993
“Feeding Yound Ladies’ Minds From Living Springs,” Maria Mitchell And Vassar College Biography, Vassar CollegeElizabeth A. Daniels 1992-1993
How The D.A.R Ladies “Saved The” The Clinton House- Twice!Poughkeepsie, War: Rev War, Architecture: 18thcMarian Liggera 1992-1993
Walking With Grace Nancy Taubman1992-1993
A Woman Who Made A Difference, Mary Lucy Ham AlleyRuth Hogan1992-1993
Dutchess County Women In Military Nan Fogel1992-1993
Once Upon A Time, The Little Red School House Dorothea Taylor 1992-1993
Across The SpectrumNancy Alden 1992-1993
Designing Women: Embroidery In Dutchess County Nan Fogel1992-1993
Do It Yourself Women’s History Tour Of Dutchess County And MapJoyce C. Ghee And Stephanie Mauri 1992-1993
Memorial For Mary Lou JeanneneyRobin Walsh 1992-1993
D.C.H.S Stament Of Revenue & Expenses 1992-1993
D.C.H.S Officers And Trustees 1992-1993
Municipal Historians Of Dutchess County 1992-1993
Historical Societies Of Dutchess County 1992-1993
Horse High, Sheep Tight And Hog Proof Bruce Buckley 1997-1998
The Sampler And The American Schoolgirl: The Ann Beadle Map Sampler Ann Friedland 1997-1998
Keeping Good Time James Storrow & Annon Adams 1997-1998
Eleanor Roosevelt, Val-Kill, And The American Crafts Movement BusinessMary M. Flad1997-1998
The Vall-Kill Industries Of Hyde Park Hyde ParkLouis Torres1997-1998
Webatuck Crafts Village – Building A Craft Driven Community 1997-1998
Sitting PrettyNan Fogel1997-1998
First Dutchess Quilters -Carrying On American Tradition Joyce C. Ghee 1997-1998
The Landscape As Historic Evidence: A Review Of Smithfield Valley’s PastNeil Larson1995-1996
Changes In Dutchess County’s Art Scene Nan Fogel1995-1996
Jerome Deyo’s Poughkeepsie Nan Fogel1995-1996
“I Began To Paint What Lay Before Me”Jerome Deyo1995-1996
Do-It-Yourself “Arttours”Nan Fogel, Joyce Ghee, Stephanie Mauri1995-1996
Early Social Welfare In Dutchess County Including The Poorhouse SystemSusan D. Blouse 1994
The Fugitive Slave Law Of 1850Arun Banerjee1994
The Sampler And The American School Girl- 18th And 19th CenturyAnne M. Freidland 1994
Silver Ribbon Historic House Tour: A History Of Five Homes And Their Neighborhoods Antonia L. Mauro 1994
A Tour Of Sites In The Rombout Patent Joyce C. Ghee 1994
Trustee’s Resolution On The Death Of Helen W. Reynolds J. Wilson Poucher, George Van Vliet, And Katherine Waterman1993
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds: A TributeJ. Wilson Poucher, James F. Baldwin1993
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds…A Seconds Look: Helen Wilkinson Reynolds And The D.C.H.S Joyce C. Ghee 1993
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds (1875-1943) A BibliographyElizabeth Adams Daniles & Nany S. MacKechnie1993
St. Margaret’s Home, Red Hook, New York Richard Crowley , With John Winthrop Aldrich 1993
Mr. Platt Goes To The Collingwood Opera House Annon Adams 1993
View Of New Amsterdam, 16531992
New Amsterdam City Hall Ilustrations 1992
Map Of Rombout Patent, 1689Ilustrations 1992
Madam Brett Homestead, Beacon, New YorkIlustrations 1992
Kitchen Fireplace, Madam Brett HomesteadIlustrations 1992
Seventheenth Century Floor Clock, Brett HomesteadIlustrations 1992
Van Wyck Homestead, Fishkill, New YorkIlustrations 1992
Alice Crary Sutcliffe, Great-great-great-great Granddaughter Of Madam Brett Ilustrations 1992
Robert Fulton Crary And Mrs. Crary Ilustrations 1992
First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church , Fishkill, New York Ilustrations 1992
Mathew Vassar, 1792-1868: More Than A BrewerElizabeth A. Daniels1991
Why Mr. Beardsley Came To Dutchess County Janet E. Nugent1991
The G.H. Ford Tea Company: Monument To A Woman’s Business Skills Jane DuPree Begos 1991
Dr. Cornelius Osborn Rediscovered Brian L. Altonen 1991
Edvard Bech: Citizen Of Poughkeepsie , 1852-1873V. Beck Rambusch With Walter Averill1991
Vassar Brickmaking In The State Of New York Robin Lucas 1991
Andrew Jackson Downing And Picturesque Tourism At Mathew Vassar’s “Springside” John F. Sears1990
Hamilton Pray -Inventor Of The Horse-Drawn Ice Plow Kath Welsh1990
Records Of MarriagesMary Lou And Jim Davidson 1990
The History Of The Clove Valley 1697-1740Frank J. Doherty1990
Stanford Union Free School District No. 2, 1922-1957Donald C. Spiers 1990
The West Mountain Mission: A Mission For Its Time Myrna J. Hubert 1990
With Prosperity All Aorund: Urban Issues In Poughkeepsie , New Yrok, 1950-1980Sandra Opdycke 1990
Tator HillElma Williamson 1990
The First Seventy-Five1989
The Value Of Local HistoryEilleen M. Hayden 1989
Images Of IBMLewis Mumford 1989
Poughkeepsie Yacth Club Regatta Arthur E. Scott 1989
A Lasting Ideal In A Changing World: A History Of Marist College Arthur E. Scott 1989
The Constituition And New York John P. Kaminski1988
The Right To Choose: Suffrage During The Revolutionary EraWilliam P. McDermott1988
Life 200 Years Ago In The Original Nine Towns Of Dutchess 1988
Early AmeniaAnn Linden1988
The Town Of Beekman-1788Lee Eaton 1988
Late Eighteenth Century Clinton (including Hyde Park And Pleasant Valley)William H. Bensen, Jr. 1988
Fishkill-1788Willa Skinner 1988
North EastHelen Netter 1988
State Of The Town In 1788-Pawling Myrna Feron1988
The Town Of Pougkeepsie -1788Mona Vaith, Herbert Saltford 1988
Rhinebeck – A Look Backward And Forward Elma Williamson1988
Town Of Washington Carmine Di Arpino1988
Edmund Platt, 1865-1939Clyde Griffin1987
Platt’s History, And OursClyde Griffin1987
Poughkeepsie’s Architectural Styles , 1835-1940William B. Rhoads 1987
A Young Lawyer’s Trails: Opportunities And Obstacles In Poughkeepsie, 1780-1800Marta Wagner 1987
Invisible People, Untold Stories: A Historical Overview Of The Black Community In Poughkeepsie Lawrence H. Mamiya And Lorraine 1987
The Catholic Community In Poughkeepsie 1870-1900: The Period Of TestingLouis C. Zuccarello1987
The Changnign Neighborhoods Of Poughkeepsie 1850-1900Clyde Griffin1987
A Time Of Readjustment: Urban Renewal In Poughkeepsie, 1955-75Harvey K. Flad 1987
The Rural Hamlet In Dutchess County: An Endangered Species William McDermott 1986
The Violet Craze In Dutchess County Herb Saltford 1986
The Fire At The Home Of Frankline D. Roosevelt And Its Aftermath Donald H. McTernan & Susan Jensen Brown 1986
Main Building, Vassar College A National Historic Landmark Bannon McHenry 1986
Solvenian Priest 1986
Gleanings From The New York State Of 1844 At Poughkeepsie Clifford M. Buck 1986
The Dutch In Colonial Dutchess – Declining Numbers – Continuing Influence Willam P. McDermott1985
Disposable Blades- Poughkeepsie StyleRobin S. Walsh 1985
The Van Wyck/Jay House Its Historics And Structural Analysis Keneth W. Walpuck1985
The Theodorus Van Wyck Site: A Ceramic Analysis Roberta Wingerson1985
The Rombout Patent: An Alliance Of Families Janet Knight 1985
Dutchess Quakers Maintain Their Testimony Agianst Military Participation Alson Van Wagner 1985
Poughkeepsie Horse CarsCharles Benjamin1985
The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge- An Informal History Micheal D. Haydock 1985
Notes And Quotes: Notes Of The Poughkeepsie City School District Peters Anders Edman 1985
Notes And Quotes: A History Of The Cirriculum In The Poughkeepsie City School District 1843-1929Peters Anders Edman 1985
The Forest Plantations Of Franklin D. Roosevelt At Hyde Park, NYThomas W. Patton1985
Alexander Hamilton, Melancton Smith, And The Ratification Of The Constitution In Poughkeepsie, NYRobin Brooks 1984
The Great New Hamburg Fire-1877John Perillo 1984
South Amenia: An Oral History Newton Reed 1984
Slaveholding On Livingston Manor And Clermont, 1686-1800Roberta Singer 1984
Blizzard Of 1888: Exerpt From The Diary Of George Henry Deuell George Badgley 1984
The Dutchess County Fair Clifford M. Buck 1984
Local Burial Places Of Prominent Dutchess County Citizens Robert Fish 1984
Alfred Ackert And The Dutchess County Society Of New York Alfred Ackert 1984
The First Natural Resource Inventory Of Dutchess County: The New York State Natural History Survey -1836-1842Claude M. Epstein Ph.D. 1984
The Turnpikes Of Pleasant Valley Alson Van Wagner 1984
The Famine Irish Arrive In Poughkeepsie -1850Willam P. McDermott1984
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, FDR, And Hudson Valley Architecture William B. Rhoads 1983
Franklin D. Roosevelt: His Development And Acomplishments As A Local Historial John C. Ferris1983
Munsee And Mahican: Indians Of Dutchess County Julian H. Salomon1983
Nineteenth Century Manufacturing Enterprise In Dutchess County Andrea Zimmerman 1983
An Account Of Ther New Hamburg Railroad Disaster Of 1871John Perillo 1983
The Fading Veneer Of Equality: The Afro-American Experience In Poughkeepsie Between 1840-1860Joshua G. Hinerfeld1983
Local Burial Places Of Prominent Dutchess County Residents Robert Fisch1983
Sybil Ludington: Heroine Of The Revolution War: Rev WarLouanna J. Elya 1983
Poughkeepsie’s Musical Heritage (1683-1865)Barbara Biszick 1983
The 1714 Dutchess County Census: Measure Of Household SizeWilliam P. McDermott1983
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Dutchess County Farmer F. Kennon Moody 1982
The Poughkeepsie Navy George N. Wilson 1982
Sale Of Loyalist Estates In Dutchess County: The Effects On Landholding Patterns John T Reilly 1982
The New American Landscape: An Analysis Of The Poughkeeepsie Iron Works Jeffrey A. Arons 1982
Masked Burglars In Millerton Chester Eisenhuth 1982
Archeology As Historic Preservation: An Example From Dutchess County Charles Fisher 1982
The Lassen Family 1659-1982: Dutchess County’s First Settlers B. Buchanan1982
The Washington Hollow Fair Louise Tompkins 1982
The Civil War Comes To Dutchess CountyDavid Lund 1982
The Bardovon 1869 Opera House 1669-1979Jesse Efron1982
Land Grants In Dutchess County 1683-1733: Settlement Or Speculation?William P. McDermott1982
Teaching History With Local Goverment Records Kathleen D. Roe 1981
A Subject Index For Articles From The Dutchess County Historical Society Yearbooks Nancy A. Logan 1981
Beekman’s Irish ConnectionsLee Eaton1981
Homegrown Politicians Melodye A. Kaltz 1981
Dutchess County’s Role In The Civil War William S. Benson Jr.1981
Susannah Vaughton: Caught In The Web Of 17th Century Politics?Settlement: 17thcWilliam P. McDermott1981
Union Corners School, District #3Clifford M. Smith1981
The Depression Comes To Poughkeepsie -1930-1936Jack Lippman1981
The Federal Census- A Research Instrument William P. McDermott1981
Dutchess County Palatine Research In Germany Henry Z. Jones Jr.1981
Dutchess Countians Go To War: The 150th New York State Volunteer Infantry Regiment William F. Tuceling 1981
The Rapaljes – Fishkill Village Margaret Somers 1981
“Capt. Dobbs, One Of Our Most Experienced Pilots”Margaret T. Lane 1981
Seperate Black Education In Dutchess County Carleton Mabee1980
The Poughkeepsie And Stormville Plank Road Clifford M. Buck 1980
Old Gravestones Of The Town Of Beekman Lee Eaton1980
Ante-Bellum Dutchess County’s Struggle Against Slavery Susan J. Crane 1980
Rev. Dr. Westbrook’s School At Fishkill : Revisited Margaret Somers 1980
Livingston Family Correspondence: 1732-179918thcKevin J. Gallagher 1980
Saved By A Boot Louise Tompkins 1980
The 150th Dutchess County Regiment In The Civil War William S. Benson Jr.1980
Widow Allen William P. McDermott1980
The Little Red Schoolhouse George N. Wilson 1980
The Astor Home: Looking Back Eileen M. Hayden 1980
The Johannes Jacob Melius House At Mt. Ross Byron R. S. Fone 1980
Board Of Trustees And Vice Presidents For Towns And Cities 1979
Secretary’s Minutes 1979
Treasurer’s Report 1979
President’s Message 1979
Curator’s Report 1979
Glebe House Report 1979
In Brief 1979
Clinton House: A New PeriodMolodye Andros 1979
Historical Society Leaders Joseph W. Emsley 1979
Sixteen-Mile Riverfront Historic Society 1979
Central New England Railroad Cartoons Ed Rose 1979
Hell’s Acres Luoise Tompkins 1979
A Touch Of Darkest Treason Radford Curdy 1979
A Welfare Administration In Revolutionary Dutchess County Jonathan Clark 1979
The Flager Cemetery At Green Haven Robert Pierce 1979
A Brief Account Of Cruger’s Island, Magdalen Island, The North Bay, And Adjoining Uplands John Winthrop Aldrich 1979
Reminiscences Of Old Time Blacksmithing 1979
The Cook Mills A Century Old 1979
The Old Plantation Burton Coon 1979
Uncle TomBurton Coon 1979
The Big Parade James L. Lumb1979
Hacketts And Cunneens 1979
Historical Talk On The Occasion Of The Inaguration Of Jack Economou As Mayor Of The City Of Poughkeepsie Clyde Griffin1979
The Freight Terminal At Fishkill LandingEunice Hatfield Smith & Collin M. Strong 1979
Attempts At Mining In Pleasant Valley Clifford M. Buck 1979
Widow Allen William P. McDermott1979
Exerpts From Let Us Be A Company George Flowers & Jerome V. Deyo 1979
Appointed Historians Of Dutchess County 1979
Presidents Of Historical Socirties In The Towns Of Dutchess County 1979
Membership- Dutchess County Historical Society 1979
Board Of Trustees And Vice Presidents For Towns And Cities 1978
Secretary’s Minutes 1978
Treasurer’s Report 1978
President’s Message 1978
Glebe House Report 1978
In Brief 1978
Frank Mylod1978
Helena Van Vliet 1978
Ralph E. Van Kleeck 1978
The Grist Mill At Pleasant Plains 1978
Pleasant Plains And Frost Mill Notes Emma Link1978
Letter From William Case Williams Helena G. Van Vliet 1978
Postal Service In Dutchess County-revisitedClara Losee1978
Letter To The Authors Of “A Trip On The Clove Branch Rail Road William P. McDermottt1978
Poughkeepsie’s Oldest Existing Structures: The Freer House W Notes On The Freer House Burial Grounds PoughkeepsieCatherine F. Leigh 1978
Our Almost Forgotten Hero: Melodye Andros 1978
The Two Shilling -Doctor: A Legend And An Account Book Elizabeth I. Carter 1978
In Search Of Collateral Ancestors (The Sixth Chapter Of The Flagler Family)Radford B. Curdy 1978
The Other House At The Upper Landing Robert Pierce 1978
When The Capital Of New York Came To Poughkeepsie -1778PoughkeepsieMelodye Andros & Radford B. Curdy 1978
Conflict And Transition: Poughkeepsie, Capital Of New York State 1778Chris Farlekas, Times Herald Record, 1978
Dutchess County Tells Its Story With A Multi Media Display 1978
Constitution’s Birth Marked In KingstonPoughkeepsie’s Journal1977
State Inked Constitutions On The Run Poughkeepsie’s Journal1977
May 1775- Area Freeholders Meet To Decide Future 1977
The First Reformed Church Of Fishkill 1977
America’s Narrow Escape Louise Tompkins1977
King George I Of America Louise Tompkins1977
Town Of LaGrange- Revolutionary Period Nancy Logan 1977
Some Revolutionary War Resindences Existing In The Town Of LaGrange Joan Platt1977
Brief Biography: William James Vassar J. Spotts McDowell 1977
Saving The Elmendorph (Red Hook) Gazzette Advertiser 1977
Jacob Willets’ Early Nineteenth Century Textbooks A. Day Bradley 1977
Pleasant Valley Pilgrimage Poughkeepsie Journal 1977
WoodlawnsClifford M. Smith 1977
The Schenk Mill And Store At Pleasant Valley William P. McDermott1977
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A Trip On The Clove Branch Railroad 1977
Postal Service In Dutchess County William P. McDermott1977
Happy Days In Deep Hollow Louise Tompkins1977
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Constitution’s Birth Marked In KingstonPoughkeepsie’s Journal1976
State Inked Constitutions On The Run Poughkeepsie’s Journal1976
May 1775- Area Freeholders Meet To Decide Future 1976
The First Reformed Church Of Fishkill 1976
America’s Narrow Escape Louise Tompkins1976
King George I Of America Louise Tompkins1976
Town Of LaGrange- Revolutionary Period Nancy Logan 1976
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Brief Biography: William James Vassar J. Spotts McDowell 1976
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WoodlawnsClifford M. Smith 1976
The Schenk Mill And Store At Pleasant Valley William P. McDermott1976
A Wandering Preacher I (Chapter Five On The Flagler Family)Robert Pierce 1976
Jonathan Thorn Clifford M. Buck 1976
A Trip On The Clove Branch Railroad 1976
Postal Service In Dutchess County William P. McDermott1976
Happy Days In Deep Hollow Louise Tompkins1976
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200 Years Ago: New York Joins A RevolutionRussell E. Chappell1975
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Prelude To Revolution: Politics In Poughkeepsie Thomas P. Billings 1975
Dutchess County In The Revolutionary War Louise Tompkins1975
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Backbone Of Farm Fare For Years Was Hog Meat 1975
Over Hill: Over Dale (Chapter Four Of The Flagler Family) Robert Peirce 1975
Oblong Friends And Dr. Fallon’s HospitalA. Day Bradley1975
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Red Hook’s Maizefield In Historic Register 1975
Changing City 1975
Union Street Historic District Poughkeepsie Urban Renewal Agency Suzanne Doner & Ben Rayfield1975
Knickerbocker-Kilmer Homestead Barbara Thompson1975
Antique Print Association Issues Bicentennial Book1975
Historical Societies In The Towns Of Dutchess County 1975
A Recommendation And AppreciationFrank V. Mylod 1974
A Local History Center In Dutchess County Jesse Efron1974
The Seed Is Planted In American Soul Robert Pierce 1974
A Feeling For The Land Barbara Thompson1974
The Old Railroad Of Dutchess County Paul T Phillips 1974
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Julia Dean Creative Arts, Theater, WomenClifford M. Buck1974
On Finding A Folk Art Treasure Sue Whitman 1974
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1974 Annual Pilgrimage 1974
Rhinebeck Area Historic Survey RhinebeckRichard Crowley 1974
Mrs. Amy VerNoy1973
Milan’s Immigrations, Old And New Barbara Thompson1973
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The Barn Museum At Millbrook Pheasant Farm 1973
The Story Of LithgowLouise Tompkins 1973
Evolution Of The Fallkill National Bank Raymond J. Baumbusch 1973
Century Farms In Dutchess County As Of 1972Clifford M. Buck 1973
Space Pilgrims Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Briggs 1972
Progress Noted On Project To Restore Historic Mr. Gulian1972
Gulian Verplanck House-Beacon N.YVerplanck, 18thcWilliam E. Verplanck 1972
Amenia Benton’s William A. Benton 2nd 1972
Open House Planned At Glebe House 1972
William BissellWilliam A. Benton 2nd1972
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CharcoalWilliam A. Benton 2nd1972
Sweet VioletsBarbara Thompson1972
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Testing Cows William A. Benton 2nd1972
School District #1 Town Of LaGrange Clifford M. Buck 1972
Blacksmith ShopWilliam A. Benton 2nd1972
One Room School … Set For Historic Hyde Park 1972
Ulster County PilgrimageUlster CountyWalter Averill, 2nd 1971
What Does The County Historian Do? Dorothy B, Alsdorf1971
The Names Of Street In Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie, Street NamesDorothy B, Alsdorf1971
The Village Of Wappingers Falls Celebrates Its Centennial Elizabethann Albertson 1971
Pleasant Valley Celebrates Its Sequencentenial Mrs. N Edwards Mitchell 1971
The Friends Meeting House Clifford M. Buck 1971
Abel Peters Of Clinton CornersClinton, WillsCornelia Brooks 1971
Poughkeepsie’s Union Street (Preface: The Quixotic Plan) PoughkeepsieEdmund Van Wyck 1971
The Poughkeepsie Hartford & Boston Railroad 1971
Harvey G. Eastman Eastman College, Education, Poughkeepsie1971
Fire At The Old Dutch Church Poughkeepsie, Fire1971
The Stone Barn At Pleasant Valley Pleasant ValleyClifford Buck 1971
The Central Baptist Church Of Clinton Corners 1971
Clifford Buck Recalls Salt Point, Buck FamilyKaren Jones 1971
A Creamery And The Blacksmith Shops In Lagrange Edmund Van Wyck 1971
The Amazing Chanlers And How They Grew- A Book Review John Winthrop Aldrich 1971
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Dr. John Bard & Dr. Samuel Bard Of Hyde Park Hyde Park, Medicine, Bard FamilyJoseph W. Emsley 1971
Faith Chapel At Titusville Chapels1971
The Old Ladies Home – 100 Years Of Service 1971
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Prices In The Good Old Days Edmund Van Wyck 1971
Mathew Vassar, Junior 1971
By Laws, Dutchess County Historical Society 1971
Dutchess County Hitorical Society Membership List1971
Dr. Henry Noble MacCracken 1880-1970Obituaries, Vassar CollegeJoseph W. Emsley 1970
Die Pflatz Wallkill Valley, Ulster CountyEdmund Van Wyck 1970
RochdalePoughkeepsieJoseph W. Emsley 1970
Lane BrothersPoughkeepsie, Manufacturing1970
Lane Motor Vehicle Co. Advertisments Poughkeepsie, Manufacturing1970
Dutchess County Quakers And Slavery Quakers, Abolition, AntislaveryDell T. Upton 1970
Annual Pilgrimage 1970
ShultzvilleHamlets, ClintonRuth M. Hoyt 1970
Clinton Corners Friends Church Mabel K. Burbans 1970
Westminister Presbyterian Church Of Salt PointSalt Point, PresbyterianRev. Carl T. Voth1970
Early Railroads In Dutchess County Lyndon A. Haight 1970
The Reverend Mr. Willam WhittmakerPresbyterian, Pleasant ValleyJudith K. Stewart & Clifford Buck 1970
Society Meeting, November 9, 19701970
Old Museum Village Of Smith’s Clove Museums, Mastadon1969
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Wappinger Savings Bank Wappinger1969
Luckey, Platt & Co1969
Euturpe: A Musical History Of The Mid-HudsonBarbara A. Pierce 1969
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Cunnett House On Hackett HillHyde Park, ArchitectureCharlotte Cunneen Hackett1969
Dutchess County RailoadsEdmund Van Wyck1969
Huckle Or Hooker Bush?Barbara Thompson1969
Names In Places In The Town Of LaGrange 1969
Amenia Female Academy, 18651969
Horticulture In Dutchess County Joseph W. Emsley 1968
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The DroversEdmund Van Wyck 1968
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Romance Of Hudson River SloopsWilliam F. Gekle1968
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Shunpiking In The Hudson River ValleyWalter Averrill1967
Our Salt BoxGeorge B & Janet S. Bookman 1967
Dutchess County PeopleClifford M. Buck 1967
Preservation Of The Poughkeepsie Municipal Building PoughkeepsieBaltus B. Van Kleeck1966
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Jacobus Swartwout Resident Of Rombout PrecinctSettlement: 18thcJoseph W. Emsley 1966
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Education: A Moral Duty Benson LossingRegina D. Fitzpatrick1966
Christ Church Poughkeepsie 1766-1966PoughkeepsieShirley L. Sartori1966
Adriance Memorial LibraryLibraryArnold P. Sable1966
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Our President SaysBaltus B. Van Kleeck1965
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A View Of Tidewater DutchessHenry Noble MacCracken 1965
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Our President Says:Baltus B. Van Kleeck1964
The Annual Pilgrimage 1964
Revision Of The Bylaws 1964
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Defending The Highland In The Revolutionary WarKenneth C. Miller1964
The Restoration At New Windsor Cantonment Frederick P. Todd 1964
“Lifes Race Well Run”Amy Ver Nooy1964
Our President Says:Baltus B. Van Kleeck1963
The Celebration Of The 175th Anniversary Of The Ratification Of The Constitution 1963
The Ratification Of The Constitution By The State Of New York At Poughkeepsie, 1788Baltus B. Van Kleeck1963
A Trip To The West In 18451963
The Dutchess’s CountyEdmund Van Wyck 1963
Mathew’s Vassar Plan1963
Membership’s List, 19631963
Index To Year Books, Volumes 43-48 (1958-196301963
Secretary’s Minutes1962
Treasurer’s Report1962
Our President Says1962
The Annual Pilgrimage 1962
Bard College And Schuyler HouseReamer Kline 1962
Lincoln’s State Department Henry Noble MacCracken 1962
Dutchess County Cattle Show And Fair Of 1820Amy Ver Nooy1962
Poughkeepsie’s 275th Anniversary 1962
How The City Of Poughkeepsie Was Founded, (a Reprint)Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1962
America Learned To Write1962
Books 1962
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families1962
Our President Says:Henry Noble MacCracken 1961
The Annual Pilgrimage 1961
Mathew Vassar, FounderTheodore Henry Erck 1961
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Secretary’s Minutes1960
Treasurer’s Report1960
Our President Says:1960
The Annual Pilgrimage 1960
The Story Of Amenia Union 1960
The South Amenia Neighborhood 1960
The Public Career Of James Tallmadge, Part I 1960
Secretary’s Minutes1959
Treasurer’s Report1959
Our President Says:Henry Noble MacCracken 1959
The Annual Pilgramage 1959
The Poughkeepsie Tennis Club- Its First Fifty YearsBaltus B. Van Kleeck1959
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John Forbus And His FamilyAmy Ver Nooy1959
Records Of Dutchess Counties Families1959
Secretary’s Minutes1958
Treasurer’s Report1958
Our President Says:Edmund Van Wyck 1958
The Annual Pilgramage 1958
The Netherlands, Background Of New NetherlandAdriaan J. Barnouw1958
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The Columbia CrewEllen C. Roosevelt1958
Speed Laws And The Sanitary Code In 1866Baltus B. Van Kleeck 1958
Elsea Haight’s Book1958
Records Of Dutchess Counties Families1958
Secretary’s Minutes1957
Treasurer’s Report1957
Our President Says:Edmund Van Wyck 1957
The Annual Pilgramage 1957
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Punishment In Other Davs Aimee Buchanan1957
The Ghost At Fiddler’s Bridge, And Other SpotsJohn R. Schwartz1957
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Treasurer’s Report1956
Our President Says:Edmund Van Wyck 1956
The Annual Pilgramage 1956
The Whaling Industry In PoughkeepsieSandra Truxtun Smith 1956
To The Curious; Or, The Animals Came To TownAmy Ver Nooy 1956
Secretary’s Minutes1955
Treasurer’s Report1955
Our President Says:Edmund Van Wyck 1955
The Annual Pilgramage 1955
The Discovery Of The Birthplace Of The American CowboySusan Zurhorst1955
The Cementary At Pink’s CornersJennie U. Strong1955
The Old Stone ChurchFrederica Coon Rockefellar 1955
The Story Of The 240 Years Of St. Paul’s Church, Red HookMargaret Chanler Aldrich 1955
A Visit To Blithewood Richard Mott Gummere, Jr. 1955
John Bard, Willie Bard And The Founding Of St. Stephen’s College Olin Dows1955
Stephen And Julia Olin1955
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families1955
Secretary’s Minutes1954
Treasurer’s Report1954
Our President Says:Frank V. Mylod 1954
The Annual Pilgramage Charlotte Cunneen Hackett1954
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Stony Kill Farm Francis S. Peterson1954
History Of Glenham, New YorkJessie E. Roake 1954
Same Old Documents Of Dutchess CountyAmy Ver Nooy1954
La Fayette’s Visit, September 16, 18241954
A War-time Raffle In The Town Of Stanford Amy Ver Nooy1954
Died Of A Broken Heart-James D. Sketchley1954
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families1954
Secretary’s Minutes1953
Treasurer’s Report1953
Our President Says:1953
The Annual Pilgramage 1953
“Shaking The Family Tree”Edwin R. Van Kleeck, Ph.D. 1953
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A Christmas ToastHenry Noble MacCracken 1952
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Curator’s Report1952
Our President Says:1952
Harry Harkness Flagler 1952
The Annual Pilgrimage 1952
Highlights In The History Of The Town Of Stantford Elinor Beckwith 1952
The Early History Of Pine Plains Julia S. Jordan 1952
The Moravian Mission To The Indians At Shekomeko Helen Netter 1952
Ice Yatching On The Hudson River; The Poughkeepsie Ice Boat, Association, Part IIRegatta Harry T. Briggs1952
Elizabeth Crannell, Wife Of Dr. Peter Tappen Amy Ver Nooy 1952
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Treasurer’s Report1950
Curator’s Report1950
Our President Says:Edmund Van Wyck1950
James Fosdick Baldwin, Ph.D., L.H.DFrank V. Mylod1950
The Annual Pilgrimage 1950
The Poughquag Neighborhood Mary Hoag 1950
The Beekman NeighborhoodLavina Blake1950
Union Vale And The Clove Anne M. Vincent1950
Twelve Cannon Street, PoughkeepsieAmy Ver Nooy1950
Poughkeepsie As A Place-Name Harold Nestler1950
The Ols Asher Home 1950
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families1950
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Treasurer’s Reports1949
Our Presidents SaysEdmund Van Wyck1949
George S. Van Vliet- An AppreciationEdmund Van Wyck 1949
The Annual Pilgrimage 1949
Titusville Road Ruth A. Halsted1949
The Crum Elbow Creek, Its Mills And Dams Harry T. Briggs1949
“Uncle Benn” Haviland The Editor 1949
Josh Billings Amy Pearce Ver Nooy 1949
More About Orson S. Fowler The Editor 1949
Secretary’s Minutes1948
Treasurer’s Reports1948
Our Presidents SaysEdmund Van Wyck 1948
Resolution On The Death Of J. Wilson Poucher, M.D.1948
In Memory Of John Wilson Poucher, Ph.DJames F. Baldwin, Ph.D 1948
The Annual Pilgrimage 1948
Historic Dover Anne M. Vincent1948
Dover, And How It Got Its Name George E. Whalen1948
Old Drovers InnOlin Chester Potter1948
The Stone Church Virginia Palmer 1948
“Fowler’s Folly, ” And Its Builder Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1948
John Russell Comstock, And His OctagonAmy Pearce Ver Nooy1948
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Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families 1948
Secretary’s Minutes1947
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Our Presidents SaysEdmund Van Wyck 1947
The Annual Pilgrimage Iva Loowther Peters, Ph.D.1947
Fishkill And Some Of Its Historic Spots Wilbert J. Hammond1947
The House Of Hendrick Kip1947
Trinity Church, Fishkill1947
“Ten Acres”Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1947
Dutchess County Men-Andre Jackson Davis , The Poughkeepsie SeerAmy Pearce Ver Nooy1947
My Heart Goes HomeThomas S. Lossing1947
The Smith Brothers- “Trade” And “Mark”Frederic A. Smith1947
Mizzen Top DaysHelen Akin Littell1947
The “White House On The Corner”Annie M. Thomas 1947
The Sanitary FairAmy Pearce Ver Nooy1947
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The Annual Pilgrimage 1946
Glenburn Olin Dows1946
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Dutchess County Men- Benson John Lossing Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1945
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families 1945
Membership List, 19451945
Index To Year Books Of 1940-19451945
Secretary’s Minutes, October 21, 1944- October 26, 19451944
Treasurer’s Reports, October 21, 1944-October 26, 19451944
Our Presidents SaysRaymond G. Guernsey1944
A Message From The State Historian Albert B. Corey1944
The Historical Society- Its Relationship To School And Community Paul T. Williams1944
“My Kind Physician”Clara Steeholm 1944
The General Store At Salt Point, 1848-1849Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1944
The Carrier’s Address – A New Year’s Greeting Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1944
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Some History And Some Traditions Of Pawling, New YorkJenny Toffey Green 1944
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Dutchess County And Her Neighbors Before 1800J. Wilson Poucher1944
Bible Records Of Dutchess County Families 1944
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Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431943
Resolution On The Death Of Miss Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1943
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds J. Wilson Poucher, M.D & James F. Baldwin, Ph.D1943
The Founding Of The Society Of The Cincinnati Frederick R. Stevens1943
The Folklorist Looks At The Historians Louis C. Jones, PhD1943
Colonial Presbbyterian Churches In Dutchess County William C. Swartz1943
Diary Of Farming Affairs, Weather, &c, Of Alexander Hamilton Ruth A. Halstead1943
The Anti-Slavery Movement In Dutchess County 1835-50Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1943
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period – James Livingston And Some Of His Descendants J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1943
Lieutenant Jonathon Thorn, U.S.N, And Some Of His Dutchess County Connections Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1943
Dutchess County Men-Joseph Folger Barnard Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1943
Dutchess County Men- Admiral John Lorimer Worden Amy Pearce Ver Nooy1943
The First Trained Nurses In The United States NavyAmy Pearce Ver Nooy1943
In Memoriam, William Willis Reese 1942
Raymond G. Guernsey, President, Dutchess County Historical Society 1942
Secretary’s Minutes, October 16, 1942- October 15, 19431942
Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431942
Pilgrimage Notice 1942
Murals In The Post Offices At Rhinebeck & Hyde Park, New YorkOlin Dows1942
Account Of The Eastern And Southeastern Portions Of The Town Of Hyde Park Benjamin H. Haviland 1942
Johnson Of The Mohawks, A British Pro-Consul In AmericaArthur Pound 1942
The Committee On Conservation Of Cultural Resourses1942
“For The DurationHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1942
Some Of The Members Of The Dutchess County Agricultural Society, 1853 Miss Caroline Haviland 1942
The Prosperity Of Dutchess County About 1830Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1942
Poughkeepsie’s Water Supply J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1942
Family Bible Of Joanna Livingston, Wife Of Pierre Van Cortlandt A Record Contributed Shortly Before His Death By The LateWilliam Willis Reese1942
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Editorial Notes On The Writings Of Henry Livingston, Jr.Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1942
Early American Painting Oliver S. Tonks, Ph.D1942
The Parish Register, Trinity Church, Fishkill, New York: A Record Contributed Shortly Before His Death By The Late William Willis Reese1942
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Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431941
The Annual Pilgrimage 1941
The Ten Broeck BouwerieJane Livingston Wilson1941
The HillJohn Ross Delafield, A.M., LLB., D.S.M1941
The Town Of ClintonGeorge S. Van Vliet1941
The Founding Of The Dutchess County Historical SocietyAmy Pearce Ver Nooy1941
Berlin, Vermont. Its Connection With Dutchess CountyHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1941
Three Artists: James Smillie, James D. Smille, George Edwin BisellJ. Wilson Poucher, M.D, Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1941
Sheep Raising In Dutchess CountyHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1941
The Claire Pottery At Poughkeepsie J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1941
Physicians And Medicine In Dutchess County In The Eighteenth Century Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1941
The Negro In Dutchess County In The Eighteenth CenturyHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1941
Agriculture In The Town Of Red Hook, Dutchess CountyBenedict S. Seidman 1941
Secretary’s Minutes, October 16, 1942- October 15, 19431940
Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431940
The Annual Pilgrimage 1940
The Homestead Of The Brock Family1940
One-Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Establishment Of The Supreme Court1940
Smith-Thompson Of Dutchess County, Justice Of The Supreme Court J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period – Major Andrew BillingsJ. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
James Emott And Some Of His Dutchess County Descendants J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
The Beginnings Of Civil Administrations In Dutchess County (continued From Year Book 1939)Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
The Settlers On Great Nine Partners Patent Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
Captain Richard SackettJ. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
Early Roads On Nine Partners Patent Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
FilkintownHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
Hibernia Mills Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
De Cantillon’s Landing Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1940
St. Barnabas’ HospitalJ. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
Something About Trained Nursing J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1940
Secretary’s Minutes, October 16, 1942- October 15, 19431939
Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431939
Announcement, Collections, Volume VII1939
Annual Pilgrimage1939
An Historic Flag1939
A Group Of Important Portraits1939
The Story Of The Hermitage John Ross Delafield1939
The Story Of TeviotdaleJohn Ross Delafield1939
Two Hundredth Anniversary, Birthday Of George Clinton1939
George Clinton, First Governer Of New YorkJ. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1939
Who Were The Nine Partners?J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1939
The Beginnings Of Civil Administrations In Dutchess County Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1939
The Court House Of Dutchess County 1809-1901Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1939
The Hyde Park Patent Henry T. Hackett1939
Index To Year Books Of 1934 -19391939
MISSING 19381937
Secretary’s Minutes, October 16, 1942- October 15, 19431937
Treasurer’s Reports, October 16, 1942-October 15, 19431937
Annual Pilgrimage1937
Eight Anniversaries1937
Address Made At The Annual Luncheon, May 21, 1937Edmund Platt1937
Address Made At The Annual Pilgrimage, September 16, 1937J.E. Spingarn1937
Address At The Semi-Annual Meeting, October 16, 1937Elizabeth Bockee1937
Abraham Tomlinson And The Poughkeepsie MuseumHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1937
Again The Palatines J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1937
Palatines In Dutchess CountyHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1937
College Hill, Poughkeepsie J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1937
Books And Reading In Dutchess County Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1937
List Of Members 1937
Secretary’s Minutes, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341936
Treasurer’s Reports, October 20, 1933-October 19, 19341936
Annual Pilgrimage, September 13, 19341936
Three Contennials, 1834-19341936
The Dutchess County Historical Society Of 1845-18461936
The Covered Bridge At Wapppingers Falls, 1819-18511936
A Map Made In Dutchess County In 17281936
Place-Names Again Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1936
John Charraud, Dancing Master Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1936
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period: Dr. Peter Tappen J. Wilson Poucher, M.D 1936
From Stephen Hendrickson’s Inn Of 1777 To The Nelson House Of 1934Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1936
Secretary’s Minutes, October 19, 1934- October 18, 19351935
Treasurer’s Reports, October 19, 1934-October 18, 19351935
Report Of Committee On Milestones1935
Annual Pilgrimage 1935
About Phillip Hart And Hart’s Village John Hunting Otis 1935
Nine Partners Patent, Nine Partners Meeting And Nine Partners School Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1935
Maps Of Nine Partners Patent, The Editor1935
Pictures Of Nine Partners Boarding School; The Editor1935
Catalogue Of Exhibition At Edgewood 1935
Memorial To Jacobus Stoutenburgh 1935
Address On Jacobus Stoutenburgh Henry T. Hackett1935
Intellectual Life, Dutchess County, 1790’s; The Editor 1935
John A. Bolding, Fugitive Slave; The Editor1935
Settlement Of Danby, Verment, By Men Of Nine Partners, Dutchess County Helen Reed De Laporte 1935
Country-Seats On Hudson’s River In Dutchess County Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1935
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period: Colonel Lewis DuBois; Captain Henry DuBois J. Wilson Poucher 1935
Travelled Documents The President Of The United States 1935
Events On Hudson’s River In 177, From Records Of The British AdmiralityThe President Of The United States 1935
Secretary’s Minutes, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341934
Treasurer’s Reports, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341934
Annual Pilgrimage, September 13, 19341934
Three Centennials, 1834-19341934
The Dutchess County Historical Society Of 1845-18461934
The Covered Bridge At Wappingers Falls, 1819-18511934
A Map Made In Dutchess County In 17281934
Place-Names AgainHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1934
John Charruaud, Dancing Master Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1934
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period: Dr. Peter TappenJ. Wilson Poucher 1934
From Stephen Hendrickson’s Inn Of 1777 To The Nelson House Of 1934Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1934
Secretary’s Minutes, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341933
Treasurer’s Reports, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341933
Annual Pilgrimage, September 13, 19341933
Address By The Reverend A. Elewood CorningA. Elewood Corning1933
Address By The Honorable Hamilton Fish, JrHamilton Fish, Jr1933
Two Hundred And Fifteeith Anniversary 1933
The Story Of Dutchess CountyHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1933
President Roosevelt’s First Speech Over The Radio 1933
More About Covered Bridges J. Wilson Poucher 1933
Farm Life In The Hudson Valley, 1769-1779Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1933
In Regard To The Repetition Of Place-Names Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1933
Kromme ElleboogHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1933
Index To Year Books Of 1928-19331933
Secretary’s Minutes, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341932
Treasurer’s Reports, October 20, 1933- October 19, 19341932
Announcement: Collections, Volume V1932
Annual Pilgrimage1932
The Study Of Locust GroveHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1932
Henry Livingston, Jr.William S. Thomas, M.D1932
Samuel F.B. Morse Leila Livingston Morse 1932
The Stories Of Linwood, Wildercliff And Ellerslie John Ross Delafield 1932
The Scientist And Inventor In Electrical Communications Paul A. Northrop1932
Our Old Covered Bridges J. Wilson Poucher 1932
The Mill-Site By The Bridge At Pleasant Valley And The Visit There Of Mrs. Clinton Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1932
A Broadside Of 1768 About Hyde Park Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932
The Poughkeepsie Journal For December 31, 1799 And The Ulser County Gazette For January 4, 1800The Editor1932
“I Will Life Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills”H.W.R1932
Secretary’s Minutes, November 1, 1930- October 31, 19311931
Treasurer’s Reports, October 17, 193o- October 16, 19311931
Annual Pilgrimage, September 17, 19311931
The Stone Barn At Pleasant Valley 1931
Marked Stones, Ulster And Dutchess Counties 1931
The Great Nine Partners’ Record Book1931
Daguerrotypes And Photographs Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1931
International Relations Created By ScienceJohn Ross Delafield 1931
Poughkeepsie’s First Bank Edmund Platt1931
Dutchess County Gives The State A Governer Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1931
Membership List1931
Detail, From The Stone Barn At Pleasant Valley 1931
Marked Stone, Ulster County1931
Marked Stone, Dutchess County1931
Rubbing Of Marked Stone, Dutchess County1931
The Governer Of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt1931
Mount Hope, Town Of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County1931
Springwood, Hyde Park, In The 1880’s1931
Springwood, Hyde Park, In 19311931
Secretary’s Minutes, November 1, 1929- October 31, 19301930
Treasurer’s Reports, October 18, 1929- October 17, 19301930
Annual Pilgrimage, September 17, 19301930
The Story Of Blithewood Helen Wilkinson Reynolds 1930
The Story Of The Grove J. Wilson Poucher 1930
Notes On Illustrations1930
How Poughkeepsie Was FoundedHelen Wilkinson Reynolds 1930
Dutchess County Men: James Van Der BurghJ. Wilson Poucher 1930
The Reminiscenses Of Miss Richard Montgomery John Ross Delafield 1930
Membership List 1930
Waterfall At Madam Brett’s Mill 1930
Waterfall At Johannes DeWitt’s Mill1930
Waterfall At Jacob Rutsen’s Mill1930
Waterfall At Isaac Bloom’s Mill1930
Waterfall At Robert G. Livingston’s Mill1930
Mrs. Jacobus Sleight (Elsie De Riemer)1930
Van Der Burgh House, Poughquag1930
Emigh House, North Clove1930
Ham House, Washington Hollow1930
Secretary’s Minutes, November 1, 1928- October 31, 19291929
Treasurer’s Reports, October 19, 1928- October 18, 19291929
Annual Pilgrimage, September 13, 19291929
The Story Of GrasmereMaunsell S. Crosby 1929
Montgomery PlaceJohn Ross Delafied 1929
An Old Personage 1929
An Inscription On A Dutchess County Window 1929
An Historical Sketch Of The Town Of Cermont (Book Notice)1929
Dutchess County Men: Phillip J. Schuyler J. Wilson Poucher 1929
Peter De Labigarre And The Founding Of Trivoli J. Wilson Poucher 1929
Membership List1929
Montgomery Place, West Facade 1929
Montgomery Place, East Facade 1929
An Old Personage 1929
An Inscription On A Dutchess County Window 1929
Portrait Of Phillip J. Schuyler1929
Plan For The Village Of Trivoli1929
The Wall Built By Peter DeLabigarre At Trivoli 1929
Secretary’s Minutes, November 1, 1927- October 31, 19281928
Treasurer’s Reports, October 21, 1927- October 19, 19281928
Annual Pilgrimage, September 12, 19281928
Saving The Glebe House 1928
In Regard To Fugitive Documents 1928
Items From Eighteenth Century Newspapers 1928
The Dutchess County Agricultural Society 1928
A Map And A Tree 1928
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period: General Jacobus Swartwout1928
Membership List1928
House Of Walter Langdon1928
House Of Maturin Livingston 1928
Order Issued By George Washington 1928
Map Of The Partition Of The Estate Of James Winans 1928
A Corner Of The Southwick Garden 1928
Portrait, Table, Silver, Adn Chair Of General Jacobus Swartwout 1928
Secretary’s Minutes, June 29 1926- October 21, 19271927
Treasurer’s Reports, July 1, 1926- October 21, 19271927
Pilgrimage, September 15, 1928 And September 16, 19271927
Organization Of Court Of Common Pleas, Dutchess County1927
Madam Brett’s Discarded Will1927
An Eighteenth Century Lease 1927
Old Sycamore Trees 1927
The Glebe House At Poughkeepsie 1927
Papers Of The LeRoy Family: Assesment Role Of Dutchess County, 1714. Letter, Written By Henry Beekman December 29, 1743. Five Letters Addressed To Peter LeRoy.1927
Records Of The German Church, Formerly At Pink Corners J. Wilson Poucher 1927
The Lure Of The Living Past Helen Reed DeLaporte 1927
Membership List 1927
Secretary’s Minutes, September 29 1925- June 29, 19261926
Treasurer’s Reports, December 31, 1924- October 15, 19261926
Annual Fall Pilgrimage, September 29, 1925 1926
The Birthday Of The State, July 9, 17761926
Sesqui-Contennial, Fishkill, September 5, 19261926
Dedication Of The Memorial Gates, Rhinebeck 1926
Where Is It?1926
Town Maps1926
Politics In Dutchess County In 18261926
Hopewell School In 17601926
The Growth Of Dutchess County In The Eighteenth Century 1926
Twenty-Four, Cannon Street, Poughkeepsie 1926
Clinton Point, Town Of Poughkeepsie1926
Marriages At Pawling, 1785-18011926
Baron Steuben-William B. Dwight William B. Dwight1926
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period- Captain Israel Smith -J. Wilson, Poucher, M.DJ. Wilson, Poucher1926
The Pageant Of Market Street-Florence White Olivet1926
Membership List 1926
Secretary’s Minutes, August 23 1924- June 14, 19241925
Treasurer’s Reports-Year Ending December 31, 19241925
Report Of Pilgrimage, September 27, 1924 1925
Dedication Of Monument, Chambly, P.Q.1925
Address Made By Mrs. Theodore De Laporte 1925
Papers Of The Late Isaac N. Huntting 1925
Notes Upon Some Of The Illustrations In This Year Book1925
Contributions From Members 1925
Dutchess County Men Of The Revolutionary Period Melanchthon Smith- J. Wilson Poucher M.D.J. Wilson Poucher M.D.1925
Udny Hay-Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1925
Membership List1925
Secretary’s Minutes, August 19 1923- June 17, 19241924
Treasurer’s Reports-Year Ending December 13, 19231924
Report Of Pilgrimage, September 15, 19231924
The Future Of The Year Book1924
Notes Upon Some Of The Illustrations In This Year Book1924
Books Relating To Dutchess County 1924
Wanted, -Family Bibles!1924
Dutchess County Revolutionary Period. John Jay.J. Wilson Poucher M.D.1924
Domine MeynemaJ. Wilson Poucher M.D.1924
A Forgotten Church Helen Wilkinson Reynolds1924
A Lady Of The Victorian EraHelen Wilkinson Reynolds1924
Old Brown Homstead In “The Orchard”Genevieve Brown Spurling 1924
Membership List1924
Bartholomew Crannell1922
Numbered References For Text1922
Copy Of An Original Letter1922
Excerpts, British Audit Office Records 1922
DCHS Meeting Minutes 1920 19211921
DCHS Pilgrimage Eastern Dutchess1921
DCHS Meeting Minutes 1919Not Indicated1919
Original Dutchess County SettlementsHamletsGeorge S. Van Vliet Et Al1919
Chelsea And Its MillLow Point, ChelseaCharles B. Glasss1919
Henry LivingstonLivingstonsDr. William S. Thomas1919
Co-operation Of Dutchess County SocietyDutchess County Society Of New York CityLouis Stotesbury Et Al1919
DCHS MembersNot Indicated1919
The Livingstons Of Rhinebeck, Red HookStephen H. Olin1918
The Old Red Tavern Of Upper Red HookDr. Harvey Lossee1918
DCHS Meeting Minutes: 19181918
DCHS Pilgrimage: 1918Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook1918
Beekman-Kip House, RhinebeckMrs. Theodore De Laporte1918
Hudson River Railroad 1847Carolyn Rider Browning1918
DeGarmo InstituteRhinebeck SchoolsNot Indicated1918
Mills: The Leroy MillsJohn Deyo LeRoy1918
Mills: Salt PointNot Indicated1918
Mills: AmeniaDr. Harvey Lossee1918
Dr. Osborn: His BookDr. Corneleus Osborn Of Poughkeepsie, Book Of Recipes And ApplicationsHenry Booth1918
DCHS MembersNot Indicated1918
DCHS President’s AddressHarry N. W. Magill1917 To 1918
DCHS Pilgrimage 1917: Beacon, Fishkill, Revolutionary WarMt Gulian, Teller House, Kip House, Bailey’s Forge, Reformed Dutch Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Louden’s Printing, Van Wyck Homestead, Continental Camp, Brinkerhoff House,John C. Sickley (presumed)1917 To 1918
Mills Of BeaconJoseph N. Badeau1917 To 1918
Mills Of Pleasant ValleyWright Devine1917 To 1918
DCHS MembersJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1917 To 1918
DCHS Meeting Minutes 1917John C. Sickley (presumed)1917 To 1918
The Development Of The Episcopal Church In Dutchess CountyRev. Walter A. Edwards1915 To 1916
Early History Of AmeniaMr. H. V. D. Reed1915 To 1916
Red Hook Local HistoryMiss Frances E. Crouse1915 To 1916
Pawling Patent, Alias Staatsburg, And Some Of Its Earliest FamiliesGeorge S. Van Vliet1915 To 1916
Pawling Patent: Dewitt FamilyDewitt FamilyGeorge S. Van Vliet1915 To 1916
Pawling Patent: Pawling FamilyPawling FamilyGeorge S. Van Vliet1915 To 1916
Pawling Patent: Ames, Russell, Mulford, Uhl, Bergh, Lewis, Levingston, Cookinham, Forman, Smith FamiliesGeorge S. Van Vliet1915 To 1916
DCHS MembersJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1915 To 1916
Jan Pier Mansion, RhinebeckJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1915 To 1916
DCHS Meeting Minutes 1914John C. Sickley (presumed)1914
Value Of Local ArchivesProf. James. F. Baldwin, Ph.D.1914
An Address On The Topic Of: The First Reformed Dutch Church, FishkillRev. Cornelius Van Der Mel1914
Brick House Farm, Extracts Of The Newcomb GenealogyJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1914
Early Divisions Of Dutchess CountyGeorge S. Van Vliet1914
DCHS BylawsJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1914
DCHS MembersJohn C. Sickley (presumed)1914
Map: Dutchess County 1779Joseph Sautier1914