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America’s 250th in Dutchess County

Launched by celebrating the 250th anniversary of the December 16, 1773 of the Boston Tea Party (Dec. of 2023), we look at what’s happening (and happened) locally.

Lafayette’s Local Visit: 200 Years Later

What can we learn from Rev. War General Lafayette on the 200th anniversary of his late-in-life local visit.

Women’s History

The 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote nationally 2019 prompted DCHS to dedicate two consecutive yearbooks to the topic of the stories of the varied voices & talents of Dutchess County women.

Black History

Lorraine Roberts and Lawrence H. Mamiya, in their landmark 1987 DCHS Yearbook contribution, Invisible People, Untold Stories, laid out the task before historians to close the gap on under represented histories.

Civil War

The Civil War remains the deadliest of US wars. Two percent of the population died, the equivalent of seven million people today. Although no battles took place here, the war touched everyone.


Farming has always been, remains, and is likely to continue to be central to our economy and landscape. Check out highlights.