Revolutionary Dutchess

From Subject to Citizen: The Revolution in Dutchess

The Dutchess County History Community is united in our commitment to plan and deliver an authentic, grassroots-driven commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution. Through local working groups, we will ensure that our focus remains on issues and items of concern to local residents while also connecting to state and federal level efforts. By following a planning process based on new research initiatives, we will improve our understanding of the documentable past. Our community of historians, historical societies, historic sites, preservation groups, and allied institutions will deliver programming that offers new perspectives on the experience of Dutchess County residents during the Revolution and the continuing impact of those experiences across the intervening 250 years.

Our organizing goal is to trace the process through which Dutchess County residents transitioned from subjects of the British Empire to citizens of the State of New York and the United States of America. Through examining the ideas, debates, and experiments in governance inherent in this process, we seek to better understand the formation of the system under which we live today. By documenting the actions of individuals living, serving, or traveling through Dutchess County between 1775 and 1783 we will build a more complete picture of the past, which will enable us to better trace the impacts of success and shortfalls in Revolutionary Dutchess over time. The programs, events, and publications resulting from these research efforts will increase public awareness of the realities and lasting importance of the Revolution and generate a record upon which future generations can draw.

William P. Tatum III
Dutchess County Historian

The County History Community has been formed and organized around the geographic structure that was existing at the time of the American Revolution: the precincts shown on the right. Over time, you'll be able to access precinct-specific information by clicking on the relevant image. Currently under construction.

Emerging Land Ownership and Government Structures

Map of the Provinces of New York and New Jersey by C.J. Sauthier, 1777

A map of the provinces of New-York and New Jersey. Claude Joseph Sauthier, 1777. Library of Congress.