There is no better way to understand the present and gain insights into the future than the study of history, especially when it comes to the study of the founding of our country and the establish of our basic rights and responsibilities.

Within these pages, DCHS, with the broader Dutchess County history community, is looking to develop an understanding of these kinds of questions that will evolve into a permanent online exhibition and educational resource.

  • Bill Jeffway, DCHS Executive Director, Co-chair of Interpretation
  • Melodye Moore, DCHS Collections Chair, Co-chair of Interpretation
  • William P. Tatum, III, Ph.D., Dutchess County Historian

Launch Event Monday, September 16th, 2024

Unfinished Revolution: the Ongoing Pursuit of Equality

The Power of Place: Landscapes & Waterscapes that Define Us

We the People: the Many Faces of Dutchess County

American Experiment: Gov’t For, By, and Of the People

Doing History: How Can We Make the Past Relevant Today?