Virtual Event Space

How the Automobile Changed the Hudson Valley: a View Through Postcards

We are grateful to Healey Brothers for January Sponsorship of this DCHS Virtual Event Space including our upcoming program on cars in Dutchess County. Such sponsorship allows us to bring programs to the public at no cost.


Programs related to the exhibition of the work of Caroline Clowes

From Attic to Gallery: the Art and Science of Conserving Art

Painting in a Challenging Landscape: Women Artists in the 19th Century

Drawn to Nature: The Sketches and Studies of Caroline Clowes

Caroline Clowes & the City of Schools: How Poughkeepsie Nurtured an Artist


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Rediscovering Caroline Clowes

Background videos that evolved during the research and exploratory work that ultimately later led to the exhibition Fertile Ground.

Veterans: Stories of Service

This playlist has videos that range from recent oral histories, to documentaries on the Civil War and World War One.


Videos include 1913 film footage and recent documentaries.

Black History

Stories related to the generations of Africans and their descendants whose stories have historically been underrepresented.

Indigenous Peoples

We hope to be able to bring stories of and voices of Indigenous Peoples over time, we invite your recommendations and participation.

General History

Here you’ll find a wind range of topics from the history of county courts to immigrant history.