Civil War Highlights

Above: early assembly of men volunteering for service in Poughkeepsie in 1861 when the war commenced.

The Civil War is a topic that holds a great deal of interest among many people.

Although, with the exception of the battle at Gettysburg, much of the fighting took place in the U.S. south, two percent of the US population died from combat or disease or war-related injuries, that is the equivalent of seven million people today. The Civil War had a profound and lasting impact locally. Men fought in different regiments, but the 150th NY Volunteers was known as the Dutchess County Regiment, and the 128th Regiment has a large composition of county men. Women organized aid societies and served at the battlefied as nurses and aids.

Programs: DCHS Trustee, Dr. Michael Boden is an expert on the Civil War and his series of programs supported by CR Properties is popular.

Collections: the highlight has to be the draft wheel used in Poughkeepsie in the 1863 draft. The Titus Papers and Dean Thomas Collection highlight the 150th and 128th respectively. Two consecutive DCHS Yearbooks were dedicated to the topic.


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