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DCHS 2022 Yearbook vol. 101

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Women’s Voices & Talents
Part 1 , vol. 099 ~ 2020

Women’s Voices & Talents
Part 2 , vol. 100 ~ 2021

Caroline M. Clowes Exhibition Catalogue

Yearbook Encore Editions
Drawing From a Century of Publishing

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These maps are organized by town as follows:
Starting at northwest corner (Red Hook/Rhinebeck) then east;
Hyde Park then east;
Poughkeepsie then east;
Fishkill (Beacon) then east.

Emerging Research Finding

From DCHS Collections: Undated daguerreotype of Benson Lossing with his daughter.

The son of the noted American historian Benson Lossing wrote powerfully intimate notes about his family and childhood. They were donated to DCHS by the author’s sister.