Burr Letter 1793

Letter from Aaron Burr to John Reade of Red Hook, 1793. DCHS de La Vergne Collection. N York 29 Nov. 93
Dear Sir,

Mr. Bostwick has shown me your letter relative to the Bond for which he has so often applied, and to which I believe has now a good right. If you will be pleased to submit the Bond to my care, I will dispose of it in such way as will be safe & proper. Respectfully
Aaron Burr

From James H. Smith’s History of Dutchess County, 1882: “John Reade was the owner of the land and point now in possession of Johnston Livingston, known as Reade Hoek; and from this circumstance the town of Red Hook took its name.” John Reade was the son of Hon. Joseph Reade, member of King’s Council. He married Catherine Livingston, who was daughter of Robert Gilbert Livingston and Catherine MacPheadris.