DCHS Deed of Gift

I hereby give, donate, and convey to the Dutchess County Historical Society (DCHS) all property listed below. I certify that I have good and complete right, title, and interest to give (including transferred copyright, trademark, and related interests), and the authority to transfer the property listed. This property shall be recorded as an unrestricted gift from me to DCHS to be used, exhibited, and or disposed of at the discretion of DCHS, in accordance with its Collections Management Policy. I wave all present and future right in, to, or over said property, its use or disposition, for myself, my heirs, my assigns, and my personal representative.


Touchscreens (tablets and phones): you may use your finger or special screen pen.

Non-touch-screen (often desktop computers, some laptops): use mouse or trackpad.

After you press submit, we will counter-sign the document and return a copy to you. We are very grateful for your support of DCHS. Melodye Moore, Chair, Collections.