Digital Image Collection

Because the demand for, and use of, digital images is growing so rapidly, the Dutchess County Historical Society is maintaining a Digital Image Collection that makes such images, and any related restrictions or requirements for use, more readily available to the public .

Where so noted, images in the DCHS Digital Image Collection can be used within parameters stated. Although covering primarily items in DCHS Collections, DCHS Digital Images can include items outside of DCHS Collections where DCHS has secured specific permission to use that image, and within stated parameters, to allow others to use that image.

A good example of this relates to the work of Caroline Morgan Clowes, the 19th century LaGrange artist. The exhibition, Fertile Ground: the Hudson Valley Animal Paintings of Caroline Clowes included works from both within and outside DCHS Collections. But to encourage a whole approach to the study of Clowes, DCHS has obtained permission to use images of items outside its collections within parameters stated for each image.