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This is an experimental, exploratory concept led by the Dutchess County Historical Society in partnership with DCHS Vice Presidents representing local municipalities. These maps currently have very limited data. The three maps shown below include:

  1. Locating the burial places of Persons of Color, who in the past were buried in dedicated cemeteries, or discreet portions of "White" cemeteries, often with no permanent marker or headstone.
  2. Pine Plains veteran Lester Whitney noted his trip to the front in WW1, landing in Brest, heading to training camps, and then into the fiercest combat battles of the war.
  3. The Marquis de Lafayette visited Poughkeepsie and a few other spots in Dutchess County during his 1824 national tour, walk in his footsteps!

Early Burial Grounds for Persons of Color

WW1 Veteran's account of his trip to the front

1824 Visit of Marquis de LaFayette

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