Pre-Civil War Maritime Adventure

Dutchess County Free Black Communities:
Opportunities & Risks of Maritime Adventure Before the Civil War

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Dutchess County Government in its sponsorship of this program and our Virtual Event Space for Black History Month, 2024.

This program is different from our regular programs in that it is more of a sampler of emerging findings that relate to maritime activities of the pre-Civil War free Black community of Dutchess County. Books like Blackjacks and Sailing Toward Freedom have been opening up interest and dialogue in the maritime Underground Railroad and broader maritime life and work of the Black community in America’s first century.

With a view to encouraging and inviting others to join in the work of “discovery” DCHS offers this sampler of emerging stories. ~ Bill Jeffway, February, 2024.

One hour video documentary program:

A few program highlights: We examine the dual water and inland routes, and dynamic of maritime opportunities and risks

Expanding our understanding of the free Black community of Baxtertown

Verbatim script:
Downloadable pdf.

Family histories written by descendants:

Other topics related to local Black history

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