Margaret DeM Brown

Margaret DeMott Brown is the highly accomplished visual partner to the research and writing of Helen Wilkinson Reynolds. Although DeMott Brown did the majority of her work independent from Wilkinson.

The best example, perhaps, where they have equal contributions in text and photography is the Dutchess County Doorways and Other Examples of Period-work in Wood, 1730-1830.

Below is an informal sampling of some of her work and family background. Thank you to the DeMotte Brown family for sharing your family photos.

Other Profiles

Family History

Margaret DeM Brown was a favored photographer of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his mother, Mrs. James Roosevelt.

But she had another presidential connection, albeit indirectly, in the prior century, and through her maternal grandfather (see family photo of grandfather De Motte with his grandchildren).

William Holden De Motte, was a descendant of French Huguenot settlers of Long Island who moved to Kentucky, then to Indiana.

It was in Indiana he became a well known leader of women's educational institutions and schools for the deaf. He spoke frequently, with illuminated slides, about his experience at Ford's theater the night of Lincoln's assassination. He wrote a summary which was published and is shown here.

Thank you to the DeMott Brown family for sharing this family photograph with DCHS.