Dutchess Soldiers at Gettysburg

“Neither Unappreciated or Forgotten:”
Dutchess County Soldiers at Gettysburg

Join DCHS Trustee and DCCC Professor Dr. Michael Boden on the topic of Dutchess County soldiers at Gettysburg.

The Battle of Gettysburg is the most well-known event of the American Civil War, and an iconic episode in American history.  Dutchess County was represented widely in that battle, not only by the actions of the 150th New York, the Dutchess County Regiment, but also by the actions of scores of other men from the breadth of the county. 

On the 15th of November, we will talk about some of their experiences, and examine the places on that field in Pennsylvania where they wrote their own stories.

We are please to say that CR Properties continues its longstanding and generous support of our programs with its sponsorship this month.