Women’s History Month March 2023

During March enjoy full access to the Caroline Clowes exhibition catalog & two recent DCHS Yearbooks dedicated to women’s history

These are usually limited to paid members only

Life, Works & Legacy of Caroline Clowes

DCHS Yearbooks

Dutchess County Women’s Voices & Talents Part I

Dutchess County Women’s Voices & Talents Part II

Women’s Activism & the Founding of Dutchess Community College

“Dear Mother” Helena Garrison Van Vliet

DCHS Yearbook 1999 Dedicated to Women’s History

Eleanor Roosevelt, Val-Kill & the American Crafts Movement

Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, FDR, and Hudson Valley Architecture

Susannah Vaughton: Caught in the Web of 17th Century Politics?

Enjoy our celebration a year ago, Women’s History Month 2022:

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