The Steadfast Who Said No To Women’s Suffrage


Everett P. Wheeler (1840-1925) was a successful New York City attorney who had an estate, the “Drumlin,” in what is today the Town of Wappinger (on Wheeler Hill Road). He purchased the estate at the end of the Civil War and it remained in his family until 1932. He gave the talk below, in his role as head of the NY State Association Against Women’s Suffrage at the Dutchess County Fair in September of 1915, a month prior to a first, failed referendum on the issue.

Full text of Wheeler’s speech

Wheeler Anti Suff DCFair 1915

Wheeler was a longtime Dutchess resident


Anti’s Ad

DCHS Anti Ad Nov 1917 PEN

1917 referendum results by election district

DCHS 1917 Referendum Womens Suffrage