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The Civil War and Dutchess County, New York

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The Civil War Battle at Averasboro:

Through the Eyes of the Men Who Fought & Died There

With Dr. Michael Boden, DCHS Trustee, Dutchess Community College Professor of History. 50 minutes. DCHS is grateful for the generous and longstanding support of the Dutchess Community College Foundation, which makes talks and events such as this both possible, and available at no charge to the public.

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We often hear about the war experience through the eyes of the soldier. But in this case, through a daily diary written during the way, we learn about a woman in Poughkeepsie who reads the news in anticipation of its ending, so she can return home. She describes scenes in Poughkeepsie of Black men, women and children who have escaped from the south.

Undated Photo of 150th Regimental Reunion at Gettysburg

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Emerging Profiles of Civil War Veterans Group: Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)