DCHS “Curated Topics”

A powerful way to distinguish your business — and reach new and current customers:

DCHS introduces Curated Topics

Take advantage of the latest in digital targeting while emphasizing your business or organization’s commitment to what makes our community distinct: our shared local history.

We know that businesses today can find it hard to be heard in an increasingly noisy marketplace. We also know that one of the valuable ways a businesses can stand out is by demonstrating its commitment to the community, and embracing the values of local history.

We have been working with professionals to ensure that our website performs well more and more people spend more and more time: online search. So when anyone searches for the item or topic related to your business, they are increasingly likely to find your business referenced, and referenced in the context of your active community support and engagement.

To keep the page rich and inviting, DCHS will regularly update content from DCHS Collections and publications related to the topic.

A sponsorship includes for the year:

  • Business or organization logo at page header
  • Dedicated space to write in sponsor’s own words (we recommend the sponsor explain why they believe the preservation of local history is important, but the sponsor makes the decision).
  • Examples in development:
  • Jewelry
  • Education
  • at least one social promotion a month to supplement the “organic” larger in-bound search traffic

Conservatively, we have over twelve thousand quality visitors to our website in a year. The fact that the business can be so tightly tied to a relevant topic, ensures that the message is received in a highly targeted and relevant way.

The cost is $2,000 annually and believe that the best value comes from ongoing commitments to secure the topic over time.

Click on either the image above or below. These pages are in very early and incomplete stages of development but you can see how the concept is emerging.

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