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The Dutchess County Historical Society is exploring new ways to support educators and students interested in developing critical thinking skills through the lens of local history. We welcome your suggestions.

Learning Exercises

How do changes in the US Constitution affect the lives of Persons of Color across generations? Name names. Specifically designed to to be taken as a tour either literally, or virtually, this is a self-guided tour that looks at some of the locations and people who have argued for the advancement of equality.

Why might the local Pine Plains Register have eventually come to support the war with Spain? How might starkly different reporting on the same event by different newspapers affected the mindset and motivation of the young Pine Plains man who enlisted in the war?

After reading the speech Susan B. Anthony gave locally, sum up her proposition to the local listeners in a few sentences. Describe how nationally known suffrage leaders came in  contact with locals in the rural community of Red Hook, NY. Who would be motivated to vote yes (or no), and why?

Compare and contrast the opinions of each of the two Bolins. Why might the issue come up at a time of war? Separated by a generation, Attorney Gaius Bolin speaks about race in 1919 at the end of World War One. Daughter Judge Jane Bolin speaks about race in 1944 at the height of World War Two.

Print-out Coloring Book for Young Children by Joyce Ghee