Saturday, June 3rd 2023

Saturday, June 3rd
DHCS 2023 Historic Preservation & Awards Celebration
Collins Estate, Union Vale Was a Success Thank you!

We maintain this space simply as a record of the event.

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Dear DCHS members, supporters & friends,

I hope you will join us in recognizing and thanking this year’s DCHS Annual Award Winners while getting a rare glimpse into the home and lives 19th century Dutchess County.

George Collins, a Quaker, built the Greek Revival home over three years from 1837 with an encampment of 60 men living onsite. Through marriage over generations, the house became home to other dynastic county families like Campbell and Adriance. The family’s constant and perpetual vigilance in protecting letters, photographs, and oral traditions, allow us to get a personal insight into the home’s occupants that is rarely available. One of those family members, Fredrika Groff, will be attending from Colorado with two daughters.

Quaker simplicity and worldly wealth don’t clash as much as they run simultaneously as counterpoints. Dutchess County manufacturing did not displace agriculture but instead it formed a dynamic relationship. There is no better example than the Adriance, Platt & Co. Buckeye mower. Family portraits by the renowned Rembrandt Peale (now under stewardship at the Loeb) reflect a refinement of taste, that can also be seen in the extraordinary craftsmanship of the house

Needless to say, there is no better location for this year’s DCHS Annual Awards than the Collins Estate. Please enjoy the profiles of this year’s awardees, as they represent best practices and model behavior in the name of historic preservation and deserve our recognition and thanks.

Please email with any questions.

Rob Doyle, President

3:00 to 6:30 pm Open House

5:00 pm Awards & Comments

Business of Historic Distinction Award: Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Today’s Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce traces its roots to the 1907 Poughkeepsie-based Chamber. Whether taking a leading, visible role, or working behind the scenes, the Chamber has been a champion and advocate for small and large business. Constant changes in technologies, customer needs, and fluctuating economic climates make this a constant need.

The Dutchess Award: “The Loeb” at Vassar College

The very deliberate, thoughtful, and evolving collaboration between the team at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College under the leadership of Bart Thurber — and DCHS — has allowed both organizations to expand their offerings. DCHS’s major Caroline Morgan Clowes exhibition benefited from both material support and important counsel. We are pleased that four of Clowes’s paintings are on exhibition at the Loeb through an extended loan agreement.

Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Award: Local History Room Adriance Memorial Library

Recognizing achievement in the necessary and accurate pursuit of historical truth embodied by DCHS founder Helen Wilkinson Reynolds. Awarded to the local history and genealogy teams and rooms of Adriance Memorial Library. Located on the main floor, the local history team has grown in size and skills so that in addition to classic archives there is a growing range of programs, blogs and social media postings that tell a wide range of local stories.

Historic Home Open 3:00 to 6:30 pm

If you prefer to send a check, we ask you to RSVP through the above mechanism. You will be able to indicate that preference. This way, a place or places can be confirmed and we can send you the exact address of the Collins Estate.