Lafayette in Dutchess County

Lafayette Makes Several Stops in Dutchess County

At the beginning of his yearlong tour of the United States, 1824 to 1825, the Marquis de Lafayette and his son made several private visits in Dutchess County including the home of Governor Lewis at Staatsburg and Montgomery Place in Red Hook. The public reception for Lafayette took place in Poughkeepsie, on Thursday, September 16, 1824, two days behind schedule. The 1834 map below is annotated to show the route of his brief, early morning visit to Poughkeepsie that involved a major reception at the river, procession up Main St., to Academy, Cannon and Market Streets. With a stop at Forbus House and breakfast at the Poughkeepsie Hotel.

Thursday, September 16, 7 am, alights at Poughkeepsie.

Thursday, September 16, late morning, former Governor Lewis Morgan, Staatsburg.

Sunday, September 19, morning until 2 pm, Mrs. Montgomery, Montgomery Place, Red Hook.

Sunday, September 19, arrives 7 pm, Fishkill, Mrs. DeWitt, granddaughter of John Adams.

Poughkeepsie, the morning of Thursday, September 16, 1824

The Poughkeepsie Hotel, shown in 1869, was the location of the breakfast celebration held in honor of the visiting Marquis de Lafayette, the morning of September 16, 1824.

Portrait by Samuel F B Morse

Another tie to Dutchess County lies in the portrait of Lafayette commissioned by the city of New York in a competition to Samuel F. B. Morse, who would later build his home at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie. The sketch, below left, was begun in Washington DC in early 1825. The final, full-length portrait, below right, is owned by its original commissioners, the City of New York.

Invitation to the dinner held at the Battery in downtown Manhattan September 10, 1824

Van Vliet Collection
Lafayette 1824 Card

LaFayette & Fishkill's Brinkerhoff family

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