Voices & Stories of Local Native Peoples

The role of the non-Native community in their recovery

Hosted by the Clinton Historical Society on November 5th, 2021, this presentation was given by the Dutchess County Historical Society’s Executive Director, Bill Jeffway, and Head of Collections and Trustee, Melodye Moore via Zoom, with the view that it would become an archived, online on-demand video at Clinton Historical Society, DCHS and elsewhere. Comments always welcome: [email protected]. We apologize for certain production quality issues arriving from technical challenges at the time.

The Dutchess County

Genealogical Society

July 2021

What do you do when your history is erased?

Co-hosted by Harlem Valley Pathways and the Dutchess County Genealogical Society, moderated by Valerie LaRobardier, this panel discussion features Robert Hawk Storm Yawanawa Birch, Chief of the Schaghticoke First Nations Tribe based out of Dutchess and Columbia Counties in New York, and Roberto Múkaro Borrero, Chief of the Guainía Taíno Tribe and President of the United Confederation of Taíno People.  Special thanks to Alex Zacarias for the use of a clip from his documentary Taino Daka, which you may view in full just below the event video.

Watch Alex Zacarias’ documentary Taino Daka in full, here: