Poughkeepsie City is full of varied and irrepressible people who defy stereotypes. The Poughkeepsie Q&A oral history program (PQ&A for short) was launched in 2023 to provide current residents the opportunity to tell their story and the city’s story from their inside perspective. Through the “Q&A” question and answer interview format, this program features the stories of everyday people who have a long view of Poughkeepsie. They are residents who were born and raised in the city, as well as longtime transplants to Poughkeepsie. We provide these interviews in English and Spanish.

Poughkeepsie Q&A also spotlights local talent. We commission city youth to take photo portraits of each person we interview, which are published on the web pages of the interviews.

Thank you for your interest in Poughkeepsie Q&A! We look forward to steadily publishing more of these oral histories. Email us at [email protected]  with your thoughts about the interviews and the overall PQ&A program, including interview suggestions. And let us know if you’d like to join in our efforts to expand oral history for Poughkeepsie City.

We would also appreciate your help to spread the word about Poughkeepsie Q&A through your personal and professional networks, including via social media platforms and channels. Of course we also encourage your “word of mouth” efforts, a mode we obviously value. PQ&A is on social media through the Facebook page of the Dutchess County Historical Society.