Sunday Drives & Rambles


Sunday Drives & Rambles is an any day, any time, any place evolving set of tours and trails in the spirit of DCHS’s historic Pilgrimages and Silver Ribbon Tours.

The historian and philosopher Louis Mumford spoke to DCHS members about the value of local history while visiting Troutbeck, the Amenia estate of Joel and Amy Spingarn, in September of 1926.

The things that we can see and touch awaken the imagination,” Mumford said. “Local history touches off these things that have happened on the spot; and the facts of local history become parts of a person’s own life to an extent which is rare with scenes and incidents one has taken solely out of books and secondhand accounts.”

Launched on Memorial Day weekend, several trails here celebrate paths to equality. These paths are cleared in advance, and protected by, the men and women who have been willing to give their lives since our founding.

Have a trail idea? Or image or point of interest to add? Please feel free to email Bill Jeffway at [email protected] anytime.