This page is in the early stages of development and will curate topics related to Troutbeck, in Amenia, New York and the families who have called it home. A historic site in and of itself, it is the location of historic events, and important persons have called it home. Bear with us while we assemble the rich, amazing, and evolving story.

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Profile of Amy Spingarn

NAACP Conferences

Spingarn on Gardening

Value of Local History

Troutbeck Profile

Below are slides from a short talk given by Bill Jeffway in April 22 at Troutbeck that examine the importance of place, and the intersection and convergence of dynamic communities and worldviews first laid out and greatly influenced by its location "in between" New England and New York, and between New York City and "upstate."

Joel and Amy Spingarn hosted "field days" in the years just prior to World War One in an effort to improve the quality of rural, local life, so as to stem the rapid decline in rural populations as younger generations moved to cities for greater financial opportunity. They included a pageant depicting New York State's plea for women's suffrage.

While the Dutch settled along what we call the Hudson River, the English were settling in Connecticut along rivers like the Housatonic.