DCHS Yearbook Encore Editions: Troutbeck

The Dutchess County Historical Society is pleased to continue a long and dynamic relationship with Troutbeck, starting at the time of our founding with Joel and Amy Spingarn. As a historic place of assembly, reflection, and creativity, DCHS is proud to continue to share the story of Troutbeck. Below you find some examples of DCHS publications and writings related to Troutbeck.

Profile of Amy Spingarn

NAACP Conferences

Spingarn on Gardening

Value of Local History

DCHS’s Inaugural Monogram

Below are slides from a short talk given by Bill Jeffway April 22, 2022 at Troutbeck that examine the importance of place, and the intersection and convergence of dynamic communities and worldviews first laid out and greatly influenced by its location “in between” New England and New York, and between New York City and “upstate.”