Veteran Interview

Thank you for sharing your stories of service with DCHS. Our hope is simply to be the platform for you to tell your story so that others may benefit from your experience and service to our country. In addition to the interview itself, we ask two things.

STEP 1: BASIC PROFILE & SERVICE INFORMATION. You may use the online form below. If submitting online, press SUBMIT at the end of each of the two steps.

Or click this link to open a new window to print out paper version.

STEP 2: YOUR PERMISSION. This allows DCHS to use recordings of the interview. Please use the online form below, and press submit.

Or click this link to open a new window to print out paper version.

l agree and consent that the Dutchess County Historical Society (DCHS) may use video recordings, photographs and/or sound recordings taken during recorded interview(s) with me, conducted by DCHS, and/or their specialist production partners. DHCS may use my name, image, and/or voice in fulfillment of DCHS’s mission to procure, preserve and share the history of Dutchess County. They may do so through a variety of advertising, exhibition and publicity material. I understand that my image, voice, and photographs as well as images related to items I may have shared such as photo albums, letters, military or other documents, are meant to be used by the DCHS in public media such as websites and social media, exhibitions, printed materials newsletters or promotional cards and mailings. This consent and release is given without limitation upon, or liability for, any use for distribution, advertising, publicity, illustration or publication of any kind. I further agree that such photographs, video recordings, and/or sound recordings, either in original or duplicate, in full, or in part, shall be and remain the exclusive property of DCHS. I am 18 years of age or older.