Uphill Battle: Our Epic, Eternal Struggle to Tame Poughkeepsie’s Water

From a presentation and conversation with the Dutchess County Historical Society's Bill Jeffway and Poughkeepsie Water Facility's Randy Alstadt on March 10, 2021. DCHS is grateful to N&S Supply for their support of this event and our ambitious plans for the DCHS Virtual Event Space!

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From the Dutchess County Historical Society. We look at the demands we make on water in all its forms, from the time of earliest human settlement. 18 minutes.

The City of Poughkeepsie has produced this informational video that explains the past, present and future importance of fresh, clean water to customers served by Poughkeepsie's Water Treatment Facility. 7 minutes.

Link to Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility website and contact information.

Images from the presentation