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Many men and women of color have contributed richly to the history of our county, and to the Dutchess County Historical Society as an organization. Among them was Walter Patrice. He gave DCHS its foundational collection on Black History, relating to the AME Zion Church on Smith Street, Poughkeepsie. His 99-year lifelong commitment and quest for learning through understanding our local history, sets the standard here.

We will continually evolve and develop resources making them available to the general public, students, academics and historians, to facilitate the kind of study and learning Mr. Patrice did so well himself, and wished so much for others to do. Shown, right, serving as Lt. in WW2 in Europe and in the AME Zion Church at the time of its being listed on the National Register of Historic Places under his leadership. ~ Bill Jeffway

Mr. Patrice served as a First Lieutenant in WW2, and was active in Poughkeepsie’s AME Zion Church.


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